Thursday, May 5, 2011


I'll die if someone don't subtile New Tales of a Gisaeng.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some movies to watch

In the past days I watched some good movies.

1. My little bride
It was so funny to watch I laughed all the time.  It's obviously predictable but you stile can be suprised. The first lead make me fall in love with korean man. I tought the acting was good. Except for the female teacher she was overacting. I recomand you this movie it's light and funny.

2. Antique Bakery
OMG, you have to watch this movie. It was so hilarious and for the sexuality......
This movie has a very good plot. One of my favorite actors stars  in it. They were all good for the acting.

3. Seducting Mr.Perfect
That was an other good movie. It was funny to watch Daniel Henney (lead) speak English with the female lead when she responds in korean. The acting was perfect.

I hope you'll have fun whatching those movies. SARANG