Sunday, September 11, 2011

So yummy

Extentsion for Protect the Boss

We have the confirmation they will add two episode. Which means bringing the final episode to 18. I know who will be happy ( Neko and Sayuri). I will start watching it soon.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Itaewon freedom

This is a post from Sarang, Neko and Sandy.

Heeeeelllloooooooo !!!!! This song is not very new I know but it's still good.  Neko showed me ( Sarang) this not long ago ( 40 mins) and I find it really good.

I (Neko) saw it when it was released a few months ago and honestly I thought it was old stuff, but since I like music from the 80's I had lots of fun watching it. And since it looks like they make fun of the 80's it is even more enjoyable ... ^^


Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Need Romance sexy guys

Hello it's been a long time !!!!!!! I'm glad to come back like I said before I was working all the summer and came home tired, bla bla bla. This blog is not about my life so dont espect me to say much.

I'm watching right now I Need Romance and what can I say. The lead In Youn have practically the same love story as me. My life totally sucks but we are not talking about me. The actors of this drama are very and totally sexy I can describe how much they are sex. I put some picture to please your eyes. But the pictures are not representative of their sex appeal. In plus I don't have the picture of one of them they are original 5. I don't really think the lead have the same kind of sex appeal that's why is not there sorry girl if you expected too see him here.

This drama is really open on sexuality. In the first minutes my mouth was open like that (:O ) my eyes where like that ( 0.0 ) they say the word sex so much times in 5 minutes. What ever I recommend this drama if you want too laugh and see what my love life looks like.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunny Hill's Pray is banned from TV

Sunny Hill released the music video for their latest single “Pray” on August 5th, but fans won’t be able to see it on TV. The video has been criticized for scenes depicting the abuse of a mutant.

Both KBS and MBC determined the music video to be unsuitable for viewing, specifically pointing at a scene where a syringe is inserted into a mutant’s head to draw blood. Other scenes causing controversy included Misung and Janghyun chasing after the mutant and shooting at him with a tranquilizer gun, as well as a scene where a jar is shown containing the mutant’s ear, alluding to his death.

As the song is sorrowful itself, Loen Entertainment believes the video fits this atmosphere. They are currently debating whether or not to resubmit the video for evaluation.

A representative also said, “We hope people will stop picking apart the scenes, but rather look at the video as a whole.”

I think that the clip was different in a good way but I understand that the clip is shocking. they just choose a deform person instead of a normal person to make the message stronger and I think there is nothing wrong with that.

Source : Soompi

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Big Bang members keeping themselves busy until 2012

YG entertainment previously announced that Big Bang member, Daesung, was to suspend all promotions until the end of the year and further addressed the public that the other active Big Bang members would instead focus on their solo activities and albums. Although the group is said to be on hiatus until 2012, fans are still cheering the group on and anxiously awaiting their individual activities. So what exactly have the members of Big Bang been up to lately?

Member Taeyang recently performed a duet with singer Zion for Eugene and Gi Tae Young’s wedding. During the past month, he also took some time off in the States and worked with famous American producers, The Underdogs. Taeyang has also stated that he is working on a new song with artists Choice37 and Lydia Paek.

Leader G-dragon has been busy making preparations for his second solo-album and even responded in an interview, “If the production is fast, it’ll be released by next year.”

Maknae Seungri was recently spotted working with Choi Pilkang in a recording studio. Fans have speculated that he is also preparing for a new solo album.

Rapper T.O.P. was recently selected as one of the newest models for the popular clothing brand, the North face and took part in a photoshoot with actress Lee Yeon Hee. T.O.P. will also be attending the upcoming Seoul Socialite Party with fellow member G-dragon on August 11th.

In addition, netizens were happy to hear news yesterday that Daesung “is currently out on a trip with his church members and will be back on Friday. GD also visited Dae at church last Sunday.”

Meanwhile G-dragon, T.O.P., and Taeyang are set to perform at Toyota’s SuperTraxx Concert, alongside other artists, including BoB and Miss A, on August 5th.

Thus, although Big Bang is not currently promoting as a group, fans still have many promising events from the Big Bang members to look forward to.

Source: Koreaboo

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New tales of a Gisaeng Final

Hello it's been a long time. Here I am !!
I just finish whatched New Tales Of a Gisaeng. It's like you can see ,if you go looking at the page all about drama, the third one in my top 10. I realy love it. The main actors were new but they were good. No matter what it's still a good drama.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Teen Top's first mini album "Roman" review

향수뿌리지마 (Don't spray perfume) : the title is just weird but ode you read the lyrics you understand the reason behind the name.The title song quite okay, music is alright but maybe too repetitive ? It feels like going back (in years) with this kind of sound, it doesn't feel 2011 (I know it's weird). Just like before Niel is doing the most of the singing, I think it would have been alright with him doing just the chorus (since it is high pitched, which it don't really like, it is like they are promoting how young they are …. ). The rap is quite good but it may be just because I like CAP's rap and because I think he has potential ? The lyrics : okay basically the guy is telling the noona he loves not wear perfume nor put on glitter otherwise his girlfriend will know he has another girl. Yeah kids singing a song about two timing ……

Beautiful Girl : More R&B feel ? Oh Yeah the chorus ? NO. I don't like the style of the song and it feel weird to hear this kind off song from them (because they are kids). Actually the song was quite a turn off for me even the rap was not that good, it didn't really fitted.

First Kiss : My favorite song. I like the guitar part at the beginning. and lots of rap !!!! YAY ! I don't have any trouble with the chorus this time actually there's nothing I dislike about the song, it is not perfect but it is still quite good. And the rap parts were good so I am happy. (to be honest I was disappointed in the lack of rap in their previous releases), the voices make the song and not the music (maybe it's reason why I like it ?)

손등이 스친다 : First thought : christmas song/carol ? o.0 ? It is a plain cheesy song. And it is also a NO. I just can't listen to that.

Tell me Why : Overall, not a bad song, a bit more upbeat and more joyful. There is just a instrumental pause just before 2 minute and it feels like a different song, I don't know how I feel about it but I don't think it is a bad thing.

Overall:I get the feeling that their songs are being more worked on, not just a bunch of beat put together, And this mini album does confirm my feeling that upbeat songs are not the trend anymore in KPop.

Good point : More rap :) No seriously the songs are more elaborated.

Bad point : Niel sings as much as before( not that I dislike his voice but he sings way too much). The songs resemble a bit too much ? (except the "christmas song ")

Thursday, July 21, 2011

King of Devil's Island movie review

This is not an Asian movie but it is a very good Norwegian movie I watch last Sunday at Fantasia.
It is not an horror movie it is a dramatic movie inspired by real events that took place on Bastøy Island in the beginning of the 20th century. This Island was used as a correctional center for young boys to be reformed into humble,useful and useful Christians.
In the movie we follow our hero, Erling or I should say C-19 is sent on the island under suspicion of murderer. Of course he is a rebel and he can't stand the humiliating or useless punishment nor the fact that his friend Olav called C-1 is being sexually abused by one of the person in charge of the barrack. As the time passes C-19 and C-1 gradually begin to stir the emotions and the revolt among the other boys and ultimately it leads to a rebellion. But as the heads of the center are overwhelmed they call the army to suppress the revolt and unfortunately some soldiers did shoot at the boys.
So it is a sad and somewhat revolting movie about young boys who committed various little crimes and living in an icy hell with little hopes of escape.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Daesung and victim's family reach settlement

It was just reported by local media OSEN moments ago that Daesung and the victim’s family reached a settlement over the car accident from last May. The exact details of the settlement were not revealed.

“Today Daesung and the victim’s family reached a settlement. The victim’s family expressed their desire to not have Daesung serve any punishment. They said they felt sympathy for Daesung and told him not to be agonized over the issue. The victim’s family also encouraged him to continue showing good performances,” an unnamed source was quoted as saying.

On May 31st, Daesung hit a motorcyclist who was lying on the street due to a previous crash that resulted from drunk driving. The motorcyclist was found dead when police came to the scene. Since the accident, Daesung has not made any public appearances, reportedly spending most of his time at home in extreme mental pain. Following today’s settlement, Daesung is expected to speed up his recovery process as many fans anticipate his return to the K-Pop scene.
Source : bigbangupdates

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Unjust movie review

More than a week since last, I 'm sorry, I started classes last week and I have three hours of classes everyday and I have homework so I don't really have time to post during the week.
Anyway, Yesterday I went to Fantasia (YAY !!), a movie festival so I'll review yesterday's movie, The Unjust.
The movie is about a series of murders ongoing in Seoul for a few weeks but the police is still unable to find the murderer. At some point, the main suspect is killed by the police and after this accident the higher up decide to ask Captain Choi to create a fake case and thus end the story. But Choi has problem with the mafia which lead to an internal investigation and an ambitious prosecutor decide to stick his nose in the case and things are not going to be better ...

I have to say, it was a good movie, a nice plot even if some part were predicatable, the story is quite dark and there is quite a bit of violence (which I don't mind but the movie is still rated 16+) but there was still some humour in the movie. The actors were good there were quite a few good punch lines. And one of the strong point of the movie is the ending which is not a stupid happy ending because a happy ending would have spoiled the movie.

would you mind if I review today's movie even if it is not an Asian movie ??

Friday, July 8, 2011

Trying coffins while being alive ..... in South Korea

(Reuters Life!) - At age 62, Ha Yu-soo had begun to feel his mortality, wondering about the timing of death's soft tap on the shoulder. But why wait, he thought. Maybe he could take a test run.

Ha donned a traditional yellow hemp robe, lay down inside a casket and felt at peace -- until the somber, dark-suited attendants placed a lid on the coffin. Then Ha realized his worst fear: the eternal darkness had finally come.

"How grateful I was that this was a fake funeral, not real," he said with a sigh of relief.

"There's but one step from life to death but the difference is huge," Ha, a fire protection system inspector, told Reuters.

Ha joined around 70 other people on a "well-dying" course, run by a local district office in the northeast of Seoul. The course's motto: "Don't take life for granted."

Baek Sung-ok, an ovarian cancer patient who opted out of chemotherapy several years ago, said the experience of being in a coffin made her feel more appreciative of those around her.

"I will abandon greed to relate to my husband and love my daughters more," she said, rising from the casket.

Another activity is penning farewell letters.

"Even if I no longer exist here, please get along with your siblings and be more selfless," Kim Young-sook wrote to her four children.


Kang Kyung-ah, the seminar's instructor, said this literal near-death experience could have meaning for those from all walks of life, whether they be the elderly or young.

Suicide is a big issue in south-korea. Among the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development member countries, South Korea is ranked among the highest in the suicide ranks, with the rate rising sharply after the Asian financial crisis hit in 1997 -- and still climbing.

Online suicide pacts, the suicide of K-pop celebrities and even the suicide of a former president show the negative side of rapid economic development and a highly competitive atmosphere.

"The top cause of death for people in their 20s, 30s and 40s is suicide. These people are the working age group ... (the seminar) can change the meaning of one's life and give a chance to know oneself," said Kang, a nursing professor at Sahmyook University.

While some see the mock funeral as a way to reflect on life and prepare for death, many skeptics question whether death simulation can prevent suicide and blame some entrepreneurs for using this as a commercial event.

"Slipping into the casket is to practice dying which can happen unexpectedly at any age, but the coffin experience alone is not enough," said Oh Jin-tak, a philosophy professor at Hallym University and head of the Hallym University Suicide Prevention Center.

But Kang says participants in the well-dying course don't suffer from depression.

"Rather than preparing for death, the program makes them think about life," Kang said, adding participants come away wanting to lead fuller lives.

As the death rehearsal ends, the grim mood is over. Participants are glad to be back from the dead and start to clap and sing a song called "Happy."

"Even if someone tries this for fun, it definitely tells you something ... about death," Ha says.

Source : Reuters

You've Fallen For Me

Genre: Romance, Music
Episode :16
Brocasted by: MBC

Lead Cast:
Jung Yong Hwa as Lee Shin
Park Shin Hye as Lee Kyu Won

Synopsis: Lee Shin is a university student majoring in modern music. He is also the vocalist and guitarist of the band “The Stupid.” Shin is known for his good looks and strong passion for music, but in reality he is cold, lacks interest in anything unrelated to music and has neither dreams nor plans for the future. He initially likes Jung Yoon Soo, a dance professor at university, but this all changes when he meets Lee Kyu Won.
Lee Kyu Won is a bright and outgoing student who was born into a prestigious family and is majoring in traditional Korean instruments, especially the gayageum. Kyu Won’s grandfather, Lee Dong Gun, is one of the top 3 traditional musicians of his age and his biggest wish is to see his granddaughter become a traditional music prodigy. Trying to live up to her grandfather’s expectations, Kyu Won immerses herself in training and becomes a university student who knows nothing outside of her studies. As her friends are fans of “The Stupid”, she was forced to go to the band’s concert with them. There she saw Lee Shin performing live, and is immediately captivated by him.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kang Daesung is the most discussed person on the Internet in June

Well this is not a surprise but well here are the details.

Whose news attracted the most attention in June?

SK Marketing and Company's online research platform 'Trillion' ( has revealed June's most searched person on their portal. There were a total of 6,782 adult males and females who have participated in the research and the result was announced on 5th.

The person who attracted most attention in June was Big Bang's Daesung (Kang Daesung, 22). 38.5% of the surveyed people chose him.

Chaseungwon of the recent popular drama of MBC TV 'The Greatest Love' has gained 14.1% votes and Imjaebeom who wore a Nazi uniform in his national tour has got 14.1 % of the total votes too.

Another person who caught attention is the ex-boyfriend of a trot group('Iris')'s member since he stabbed his ex-girlfriend to death. (10% of votes, ranks 4th place). The 5th place is taken up by Gi Meonjin (7.1%) who joined the protest against Hanji Heavy Industries and Construction Aerial.

Gong Hyonjin (3.3%) who took up the role of 'Gua Ejeong' has captured the 6th place. It is true that the drama 'The Greatest Love' is popular since Gong Hyonjin and Chaseungwon both rank high in this survey.

In terms of age, people from 10s to 20s have shown relatively more interest in the issue of 'Big Bang' 's Daesung. Imjaebeom and Gimyeojin are mostly the concerns of people in their 30s and 40s. Particularly speaking, the people who showed interest to Daesung's news and the age of the groups are inversely proportional. (i.e. the younger the age groups, the more interest has been shown to the news.)

A total of 6895 people have participated in the survey and they were also what news they searched most in June. 'Daesung' fatal traffic accident' topped the list.(22%). It is found that more interest towards the accident is shown among women.
Source : bigbangupdates

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A funny video

Hello !!! I miss you all. I don't even have time to whatch my drama. No mader what I have a video for you. I was sleeping at Sayuri's home. We where whatching video on youtube and we find this one. Hope you will like it. I think this young man is right. But I will whatch them no matter what.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Funeral Weddings

I read an article on this a while ago but this one is more elaborated it is quite sad but still quite interesting.

T., a 19-year-old woman from Kien Giang Province, at her wedding ceremony last month with a South Korean man

One day in early June, Phuong gets a call informing her that two men from South Korea will come to a café in Ho Chi Minh City’s Tan Phu District to meet Vietnamese women that they can marry.

Phuong, a 29-year-old woman from Tien Giang Province in the Mekong Delta, hopes she will be selected by one of these two men and go abroad, just as her older sister did several years ago.

Five other hopeful women are waiting at the café when Phuong arrives. Besides them, there are six men and a woman from South Korea, and two Vietnamese women, all marriage brokers.

One of the Vietnamese brokers, identified only as N., wants to reject Phuong because she doesn’t belong to the women she would introduce (and get a commission for doing so). However, one of the South Korean brokers, Hwang, tells Phuong to stay after taking a closer look at her.

Soon after, the two South Korean men arrive, carrying plastic bags with copies of ID cards and household registrations of Vietnamese women.

The six Vietnamese women are quickly divided into two groups. Phuong and two others, 19-year-old T. from Kien Giang and S. from Tien Giang Province, are brought to Kim, a 40-year-old South Korean man.

The brokers introduce him, saying Kim works for some enterprise in South Korea and is paralyzed in one leg.

After the introductions, Kim decides to choose T. and she begins crying. It is difficult to say if they are tears of happiness. The South Korean broker, Hwang, checks her arms like inspecting cattle before purchase, and asks a woman to take her to a room for a complete checkup.

In the other group, a 30-year-old woman, known only as O., is selected by the other 53-year-old Korean wife-seeker. A woman claiming to be his younger sister says the Korean man has undergone several surgeries and lost his right thumb in one of them.

O. has been married earlier and has a seven-year-old son, but she says she will not take her son to South Korea with her new husband.

Few hours later, the two couples rent two rooms at a hotel in Tan Binh District for their “first night” a day before the wedding.

At dinner that day, O. says she is not worried at all because she has been married once, but T. bursts into tears when asked what she thinks about such a quick wedding.

Somber affairs

On the following day, two weddings are held at around noon at a restaurant on Hoa Binh Street in District 11. It is pouring outside.

The two brides, holding two old, dusty plastic wedding bouquets, stand at the entrance to welcome guests – a symbolic step because there are actually no guests besides the immediate family members of the brides and the brokers who are already there.

At 1:30 p.m., the ceremony begins with a short performance by the restaurant’s dancers. Then an emcee introduces the two couples walking on to the stage. T. doesn’t look around and walks sadly beside the groom, who is struggling to walk because of his paralyzed leg.

T.’s parents from Kien Giang are there in old clothes and slippers. The mother says the brokers set aside ten seats for them at the party but she didn’t invite anyone.

Each wedding ceremony takes just five minutes or so, and the “party” begins. T.’s parents and she herself don’t say anything or talk to her husband, because they don’t speak any Korean. T. and her parents don’t eat anything either, just sit with sad looks on their faces.

At 2 p.m., the party ends and the brides’ families return to their hometown in the Mekong Delta. The two couples and the brokers take a trip to the beach town of Vung Tau for a one-day honeymoon.

The following day, they return to HCMC and the grooms take a flight back to South Korea. They are expected to return in October to take their brides with them after completing all the procedures

Captive brides

After the wedding and honeymoon, T. and O. are taken to an apartment on Thoai Ngoc Hau Street in Tan Phu District and stay there, ostensibly to study Korean language and culture. In reality, they are strictly monitored and can only go out for one hour a day with a male chaperon.

The broker N. also stays in the apartment. She had become a bride herself in similar circumstances more than a month ago. While waiting to immigrate to South Korea, she is hoping to earn some money by introducing more women to the marriage racket.

N. calls Phuong just a few days after the weddings of T. and O., and takes her to meet the major brokers in the ring.

At a house in an alley off Binh Tan District’s Le Van Quoi Street, a man more than 60 years old, identified only as T., carefully checks Phuong’s ID card and asks her to bring her household registration documents as well.

“You look smart. Tell your relatives to supply documents. After getting married, you can help me to find more women who want to find Korean husbands and I will pay you,” he tells Phuong.

T. says around ten women are living there, waiting to be selected by South Korean men. “If you want to get a husband soon, you must ask for my help,” he says.

After a two-hour conversation, T. asks N. to take Phuong home to prepare her documents before coming to stay in the house.

N. says a woman has to pay T. VND300,000 for food besides brokerage fees of around VND6 million (US$292). “Your Korean husband will give you the money to pay them,” she reassures Phuong when the latter explains that she is poor, that the reason she wants to get married to a foreign husband is to escape poverty.

According to N., all the prospective brides will stay at T.’s house waiting to be selected. After the wedding, they will move to the apartment in Tan Phu District to study Korean language and wait for their husbands to take them abroad.

When Phuong asks what would happen if the husband does not turn up later to take his wife abroad, N. does not hesitate: “Just find another Korean husband then.”

More than a third of South Korean fishermen and farmers who married in 2009 chose immigrant brides, some because they were unable to find local women prepared to lead a rural lifestyle, according to an AFP report.

According to the Ministry of Justice, more than 257,000 Vietnamese married foreigners or Vietnamese residing overseas between 1995 and 2010—over 80 percent of these individuals are women. Most of the foreign spouses are from Taiwan, the US, South Korea and China.

A survey conducted by the Vietnam’s Institute of Labor Science and Social Affairs early this year found that only 7 percent of these couples married for love; the rest wed for financial reasons. Nearly 60 percent of marriages between Vietnamese women and foreign men were arranged by illegal brokers, according to the study.

Source : Omona

Saturday, June 25, 2011

About Me

How did you first came in contact with Asia ?

I came in contact in asia during my first year of high school, seven years ago. I had a friend who read and watch InuYasha on YTV and she made me read it but I mainly watched the show (in english with english subtitles) and I liked it so I watched it until the end. At that time also my sister was begining to be interested in Asia bu tif I remember well it was Gackt for her.

Anime ?

While watching InuYasha I came across Gundam Seed and I liked it even more than InuYasha. To make it short, the first animus I watch were english dubbed on TV but after a while I started to watch on the internet and of course watching in japanese with english subtitles.
Even up to now I watch animes but I find it hard to watch them until the end because I get bored quite fast but there are really great animes for example Code Geass, Inuyasha, Gundam Seed (plus destiny), Rainbow, and of course Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon.

Drama ?

I first watched "One litter of tears" (by myself) and "Hana Yori Dango" (with my sister) but at that time I was mainly watching animes. The reason why I switched to dramas is quite simple, the plot were beginning to be uninteresting. I first started with japanese drama (I couldn't bear to watch watch Korean drama), I also tried to watch Taiwanese drama but it didn't worked either. I started watching Korean drama not long ago because japanese drama were also starting to be boring.
Best Korean Drama ? White Christmas, King of Baking, Dream High, Mary Stayed Out All Night, A Man Called God
Best Japanese Drama ? A Million Stars Falling From The Sky, Liar Game, One missed Call, Jin, Mr Brain

Manga ?

I still read a lot of them, I started more or less at the same time as animes but I still read a lot of them now and I am quite impress because I have been reading some for a few years already and i am not tired of them ^^. I read Subaru Moon solitude standing, skip Beat,Kuroshitsuji, The One, Naruto, Red and others I can't remember.

Music ?

I was introduced to Asian music almost as the same time as Asia thanks to animes, it started with Ayumi Hamasaki and then Gackt, T.M. Revolution and after that I followed my sister who discovered Boys band from Johnny's Entertainment first Arashi then SMAP. After that I switch a bit more than six month ago to KPop with CodeV poisoning and following was BEASt and then my sister made me listen to Bigbang that I didn't really liked until GD&TOP, after that came Dalmatian, block B and not long ago I listened to Jang Woo Huyk and also the rock group that has yet to debut Yanghwajin since I don't only listen to Kpop (I listen to metal and classical music but I do like asian metal and I'm sorry but japanese don't what metal is at best they do rock, and the best asian metal I have ever heard is chinese believe me it is really good and it is not always gothic metal), really appreciate Yanghwajin's sound because they are really close to what I call "real rock". Yes I love music (I could go on forever but i'll stop). And I am also a big fan of simon and martina (I love these two ).

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dramaholics news

I'm sorry for not posting everyday. The reason is that I'm working. I will do my best !!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The police confirms that the motorcyclist died from the collision with Daesung's car

On June 24th, the Seoul, Youngdeungpo police revealed, “Hyun, the deceased motorcyclist involved in Daesung’s car accident, died from Daesung’s collision. As a result, the police will be making a dispatch to charge him without detention.”

On this day, the Youngdeungpo police held a press conference revealing their investigations and confirmed that there was only a 132-second window between the first accident and the collision with Daesung’s car. They revealed, “There was only about two minutes between his motorcycle accident and Daesung’s accident, so we have determined that Hyun did not die in that time frame. There were not a lot of cars on the road and the speed limit was 60 km/h, but we discovered through the taxi’s video that he was speeding at 70 to 80 km/h.”

When asked to confirm whether there was a previous hit-and-run accident, police stated, “It has nothing to do with the case. There weren’t a lot of cars on the road at the time, and his alcohol level was 0.186. It has nothing to do with a hit-and-run.”

With confirmation that Hyun was killed by Daesung’s car, what Daesung will be charged for is currently unknown. The law states that he could be jailed for under five years, or pay a penalty of $20,000 USD.

Source: bigbangupdates

It is sad that Daesung is responsible of the motorcyclist death but he has to pay for what he did, I just hope the society will not be harsh on what will follow

Thursday, June 16, 2011

block B's teaser

Okay so the teaser is awesome and I don't think Zico's dreadlocks bothers me anymore and Halo at the end is quite good.
by the way dvdheaven is now selling the mini album for 9.13 $ it is in the "New Music" section you just need to scroll down a little to see it.
I put the new teaser

And here is the subbed version of the teaser

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

block B's first Mini Album info and track list

As we all know the previous three songs (from their digital single) will be on the mini. The mini album's name is " New Kids on the Block", and it contains 8 tracks. The title track is "Tell your friends" and it was written by Zico (Leader and rapper), he also composed the majority of the melody. The song is descrided as a “fun, upbeat track that is a fit for the summer season.”
The cd cost 8,500 Won and is out on June 23rd.

The actual track list :

1. Halo

2. Tell Your Friends

3. U Hoo Hoo

4. Wanna B

5. Freeze!

6. Is It Only Me?

7. Tell Your Friends (Inst.)

8. Freeze! (Inst.)

So there are basicaly three new songs (and hooray the Freeze! (Inst)) but this is a definite buy (Only if Post Canada is back delivering packages .....)

I tried to find retailers online and I only found it on preorder on yesasia (and as usual the price is higher than it should, even if it is still really cheap)

Source : Soompi

2NE1's new single, mini album and concert

2NE1's new single will be called "I'm the best" like the previous two it is a digital single and it will be released at midnight on June 24th, along with the MV. Here is what YG says about the upcoming single :"Produced by YGE’s main producer Teddy, “I’m the Best” is a powerful, fast beat song featuring electronic and hip-hop sounds. It’s expected to be popular among younger generation people used to the club scene as well as the fans of 2NE1’s original sound such as their debut track “Fire.” Unlike their previous tracks that didn’t involve any TV promotions, “I’m the Best” is expected to have a lot more comeback and TV performances."

As for the mini album, it is going to be released on July 21th and here comes a confusing part : "It will contain tracks like “Don’t Cry, “Lonely,” and “I’m the Best,” as well as two more three additional songs. Since we’ve been working on this album for a long time, there are a lot of promotional activities planned up, but we’ll give you more details in the near future."

And as for the concert that is their first solo concert it is scheduld for August 27th and 28th and will be held at the Olympic Hall in the Chamsil Olympic Park in Seoul. Following a long renovation process, the Olympics Hall has become a professional concert hall with a capacity of about 4,000 seats per performance.
And on her tweeter, Minzy asked the Blackjack to name the concert.

Sources : Soompi and Soompi

Little update about the accident involving Daesung, a taxi driver and a motorcyclist

So first of all the result of the autopsy has been postponed to next week, here is what their official press said : “Because they wished to be extremely thorough with their investigations, the National Forensic Service told us the results would be slightly delayed.”
Also it was reported today that the motorcyclist was drunk and it is highly possible that there was no hit-and-run and that the crash was due to his negligent driving. As a proof an official said the after completing the on-site investigation and CCTV footage, the results confirmed that there was no hit-and-run before the collision with Daesung's car.

Sources : Soompi and Bigbangupdates

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SHINee Japanese version : REPLAY !

Seriously, I don't really like the band SHINee, but I must admit that this song ... is not so bad! In my opinion, is one of their best songs ... because Ring Ring Dong whatever... it's really disgusting. Yaaah, I know !I appreciate the lyrics and the rhythm. I think they have beautiful voice I had not noticed in their other songs. For the video clip is not so bad. I love the scene when the boy played basketball and when the girl enters in the cafe.It was cute! But I still have a bit of trouble with their clothes especially when they are dancing,unless when they were black. I found it very classy. OHHHHH ! I prefer the japanase version .. I don't know why ...
Let me know your impression!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Hanazawa Rui part 2

Hi, Dramaholics there is the part 2. The second type of second lead is those who are simply machiavellian. It's mean that they make anything to have the first lead female. They plan to make her beacomes his. He can tries everything even if it's hurt her. I hate those kind too  because they act like jerk. It's makes the drama become chesy. Everyone cries for nothing it's piss me off. The male lead and the female lead cant be together because off him. In this categorie we dont have much of Hanazawa Rui.  I think they prefer the first type of Hanazawa Rui more then this one. The fact his nobody can stand this kind of jerk. Then we have Byun Hak Do (Delightful Girl Choon Hyang), Ou Chen (Summer's Desire), Lee Yul (Goong).

Lee Min Ho got a car accident

I know dont worry Dramaholics he's fine. It's a shoot-car accident it happend whil shoothing for the drama City Hunter. His injuries weren't sever. They will shut down filming but it won't affect the drama run's. Then everything is all right for the moment he is not in danger thanks lord. Durring the accident another man was sitting beside  he's fine too.

Source: drmabeans

SBS's short report on Daesung's recent condition

On SBS’s “Beautiful Morning” aired on June 13th, a follow-up report on Big Bang member Daesung’s recent condition was broadcasted.

Daesung has cancelled all his activities since the traffic accident on May 31st. He was involved in a car crash which resulted in the death of a motorcyclist. There were news saying he has isolated himself from everyone since then, staying in his room and refusing to talk to anyone, even his parents. Thus fans have been worried about his recent condition.

SBS’s “Beautiful Morning” that broadcasted today had a follow-up report on Daesung. They visited Big Bang’s dormitory and had a short talk with the doorman. They asked the doorman whether he has seen Daesung lately, and the door man said, “I have, not often though, since he hasn't had any activites recently.” He added, “I saw Daesung sometimes, he looks pretty normal.”

Seems like Daesung is recovering and getting better, at least he does not lock himself in the room anymore. It was reported earlier that the autopsy result takes about 15 days, so it should be coming out any time soon.

I feel I must say this : Pease drive carefully on the road ! there are way too many car accident lately, Daesung's accident, ex-LGP yoona and already two car accident on the city hunter set, the last one send the involved in the accident to the hospital for check-up (the front of the car was completely crushed)

Source : Soompi

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North Korea runs restaurants and spread propaganda and kimchi accross Asia


VLADIVOSTOK, Russia and SEOUL, South Korea -- The Pyongyang Café sits at 58B Verkhneportovaya Street, a short walk from the twinkling lights of Vladivostok's container port. Patrons in this east Russian city, the home of the Pacific Fleet, are greeted at the door by pretty Korean waitresses, who take their coats and usher them into small booths with pine tables and lashings of plastic foliage. From a separate area of the restaurant -- reserved for Koreans, one waitress tells me -- comes the muffled sound of a karaoke machine, the same song warbling on repeatedly. After a bottle of Russian beer, a plate of dumplings, and a tasty bowl of bibimbap, Korea's national rice dish, I hand over a wad of rubles equivalent to about $35.

Among the city's growing cohort of Korean restaurants, Pyongyang Café has an unusual claim to fame. It is run by the North Korean government, part of a far-flung chain of restaurants that funnels much-needed foreign exchange to the ailing regime in Pyongyang. Andrey Kalachinsky, a veteran journalist and local analyst, said that in the Soviet era, when Vladivostok was a closed military city, the Pyongyang Café was the only foreign eatery in town -- a symbol of the political and economic ties between the Soviet Union and Marshal Kim Il-Sung's Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

At the Vladivostok restaurant, there is little to suggest any connection with the regime just 428 miles distant. No pictures of the Kim Il-Sung grace the walls, no slogans stamped out in shrill red Korean script. Instead, the décor excels in a sort of kitschy chinoiserie: the walls of one room are covered with naturalistic motifs -- golden autumn leaves and towering cliffs -- complete with a fake tree that "emerges" from the painted-on scene. Overlooking my booth was a framed poster of a woman looking out coyly from behind a large fan, the Chinese character for "double happiness" inscribed on every second blade.
North Korean government-run restaurants have existed for years in China, in regions adjacent to the DPRK's northern border, but in the past decade the business has truly gone global. In 2002, a branch of the Pyongyang restaurant chain opened in the Cambodian tourist hub of Siem Reap -- the first outside China -- and it became an immediate hit with South Korean tour groups visiting the nearby temples of Angkor. The success of the restaurant, which featured a nightly song and dance show by the North Korean waitresses, led to the opening of a second branch in Siem Reap and a third in the capital Phnom Penh in 2003. Since then, branches have also opened in Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal, Dubai and, soon, apparently, Amsterdam.

As North Korea's economic situation becomes increasingly dire, the number of branches has increased. A chain of mid-tier restaurants might not seem like much of a way to fund a government, but for the sanctions-stricken, technologically backward DPRK, every penny counts. After the fall of the Soviet Union and the death of Kim Il-Sung in 1994, North Korea found fewer communist countries to trade with, more capitalist democracies abhorred at its domestic abuses, and before long was in a state of severe economic crisis. Both Russia and China demanded that Pyongyang pay for imports in hard currency, rather than at advantageous "friendship" prices. Ravaged by famine and with its heavy industries in precipitous decline, the regime had little choice but to open "capitalist" foreign ventures -- including, eventually, restaurants -- to make up funding shortfalls.

"North Korea is not capable of producing anything of sellable quality," Andrei Lankov, a Korea expert and professor at Seoul's Kookmin University, told me. "They can sell some stuff like seafood, medical herbs, special types of mushrooms. But you are not going to run an economy on mushrooms."

The end result has been a plethora of overseas cash businesses, many of dubious legality, that prop up the North's moribund economy. Bertil Lintner, author of Great Leader, Dear Leader: Demystifying North Korean Under the Kim Clan, said that, along with kitschy restaurants, North Korea relies on such revenue-raising techniques as the sale of second-hand mobile phones and a suspected traffic in illicit drugs. But the Pyongyang Café might not be such an innocent venture.

"The restaurants are used to earn additional money for the government in Pyongyang -- at the same time as they were suspected of laundering proceeds from North Korea's more unsavory commercial activities," he said. "Restaurants and other cash-intensive enterprises are commonly used as conduits for wads of bills, which banks otherwise would not accept as deposits."

It's hard to know for certain how much money the restaurants raise, but in a recent report, the South Korean daily Chosun Ilbo estimated that around 120,000 South Koreans visit the two restaurants in Siem Reap, Cambodia, each year, contributing an estimated 200 to 300 million won ($179,000 to $269,000) to the coffers in Pyongyang. The report concluded that each of the restaurants probably earns $100,000 to $300,000 per year for the regime. As a result, Lankov said the eateries -- which probably number in the "low hundreds" across Asia - are likely one of Pyongyang's major earners. "It's a small, poor country. For them a few million U.S. dollars is a sufficient amount of money."

Reports from defectors suggest that the businesses are operated through a network of local middlemen, who send a certain amount of cash to North Korea each year as remittances. According to one report, the Cambodian eateries were opened by Ho Dae-sik, the local representative of the DPRK-aligned International Taekwondo Federation. (His son, Ho Si-ryong, is listed as the email contact for the Pyongyang Café in Phnom Penh, though he did not respond to queries). Like North Korean embassies, which are meant to be financially self-sufficient, the eateries have to cover their costs without cash from the central government.

Kim Myung-ho, a North Korean defector who ran a restaurant in northern China, reported in 2007 that each establishment, affiliated with "trading companies" operated by the government, was required to meet a fixed benchmark payment. "Every year, the sum total is counted at the business headquarters in Pyongyang, but if there's even a small default or lack of results, then the threat of evacuation is given," Kim told the Daily NK, a North Korea-focused online publication. Evacuation -- going back to North Korea -- is a serious threat for someone who is allowed a few years in the relative prosperity of, say, Cambodia.

Kwon Eun-Kyoung, English editor of the Daily NK, said the eateries are part of trading companies controlled by Bureau 39, the revenue-raising arm of Kim Jong-Il's Korean Workers Party. "Every business belongs to the party and is affiliated with the party systematically," she said. "Even though it is maybe run by brokers, the whole system we presume is controlled by the center of North Korea."

The establishments, highly political both in purpose and in the bizarre décor, have at times acted as political lightning rods for Korean expatriates. After the South Korean frigate Cheonan was sunk in March of last year, presumably by a North Korean submarine, South Korean residents in Cambodia launched a campaign to dissuade their compatriots from patronizing the DPRK-run restaurants. The Korean Association in Cambodia distributed stickers proclaiming, "We, Korean residents, don't go to North Korean restaurants." Posters condemning the sinking of the Cheonan were displayed on the windows at South Korean-run eateries.

One restaurant manager told the Phnom Penh Post that, in mid-2010, three men came to his restaurant and started taking photographs. The men tore the stickers from the toilets and removed an anti-DPRK poster from a board outside the restaurant. "They said they were taking orders from the North Korean Embassy. The North Korean Embassy told them to take pictures and take the [sign]," the paper quoted him as saying. The Chosun Ilbo reported a similar stand-off at a South Korean restaurant in Siem Reap.

With no real end in sight to tensions on the Korean peninsula, the main draw of these pricey eateries -- the thrill they give to southerners eager for a glimpse of life inside the estranged north -- could well be their undoing. When I took a trip to the Pyongyang Restaurant in Phnom Penh last year following the North's shelling of Yeonpyeong Island in November, the flood-lit establishment was empty save for a single table of South Korean businessmen. The turnout was so low that the usual bevy of pale-faced waitresses didn't even bother to perform their famous floor show.

Lankov said that, as competitive businesses, the restaurants rely on their novelty value to South Koreans. Without that, there may be little to keep them afloat. "The restaurants [offer] a bit of political exoticism, so people come," said Lankov. "Otherwise, I don't think they can be competitive."

source : The Atlantic

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The Hanazawa Rui

Dont misunderstand you will love this post. Then dramaholics you have to know something about me and Sayuri ( yes I use your name without permission ). The thing is that we class all the second lead. For that we based on Hanazawa Rui ( Hana Yori Dango) to make the categories.

We all have our thought about the second lead. They had their own characteristic but in the end they are always an Hanazawa Rui. We give them this name to honor Rui who was a great second lead we can based on him for the other one ha ha ha. I hate second lead and I will told you why. They are so damn stupid. If you love her fight for her love. How can you let this arrogant man take your lady like that. Dramaholics don't say it I know those girls are more ashamed because in general the second lead is just too perfect. Then lets start !

First we have the classic Hanazawa Rui.
This second lead is the man the girl has a crush on at first but he was not interested in her because he was in love with someone else. When the female lead started to fall in love with the male lead then he started to be in love too. It's too late then he shut is mouth and help her to make it with the lead. His heart hurt him throughout the drama. He can tell her that he loves her when she start crying because of the lead it doesn't matter he can tell her. Sometime he set his mind and want to do something, but something came up guess what it's to late she's already with the lead. In this category we have none other than Hanazawa Rui, Shin woo ( You're beautiful), Hua Tuo Ye ( Autumn's concerto) and Moon Ja shin (Sungkyunkwan Scandal).

This is the first part :)

Lie to me Episode 9

Episode 9 of Lie to me was too predictable and Chesy. Makjeong as pure and simple. At the second that I saw the forbidden forest path I knew what would happend . I wonder why I listen to the episode until the  end. It 's easier to do in the old cliche of two thousand years saving the girl who gets lost in the forest. Besides that I think Ki Joon  is really slow. Why dont you tell her it's over thank you bye bye and you marry Ah Jung? I'll assume the answer is no because it  would not be a drama. I think it'd be fun to have a drama with people more smarter. There would be no misunderstanding. 

Bigshow 2011 japan version will be released on June 29th

It contains 3 DVDs, one photo book and some goodies.
the price is 7,980 Yen

Remember that we never had Don't Go Home MV ? Or just bad quality fan cam ? The wait is almost over, it is on the DVD !!!
Since it is the Japanese DVD it will have only Japanese subtitles so if you want English subtitles wait for the Korean DVD.




- DON'T LEAVE PV (MV) {Jibe Gajima}

Source : bigbangupdates

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Korea has found their own Susan Boyle

The video is kinda everywhere so I will also post it. It is from the show "Korea's Got Talent" that just started airing and this man has an incredibly beautiful voice and ...... a tragic past. His name is Choi Sung Bong.
And don't feel ashamed to cry, that's what everyone does while watching the video

Best Idol actors/actresses

The following ranking was made by experts (The article doesn't say who besides drama chiefs from three TV stations). They evaluated idols who acted in the last two years and evaluated two factors, first the acting career and second the potential development out of ten. For the fourth place and after I only have the best note and it is not mentioned if it is the career or the potential. (But I think it is the potential). Okay so I don't know who is number 8 and number nine so if you know who it is please tell me.

1. TOP : 7.6 and 8.0
2. Park Yoochun : 7.0 and 7.7
3. Ok Taecyeon : 6.6 and 7.6
4. Siwoon : 7.0
5. Han Eun Jung : 6.4
6. Jung Yong Hwa : 5.6
6. Ji Yeon : 5.6
8. Jay (written as jei 제이) : 5.1
9. Kim Hyun Chung (written as Gim Hyeon chung 김 현 충) : 5.0
10. Go Hara : 4.3
10. UEE : 4.3

Source : Soompi

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List of drama for this season

Hi dramaholics,
I'll give you a list of this season dramas those in blue are those I watch.

Romance town
Lie to me
City Hunter
Baby-Faced Beauty
I need Romance
God's Quiz (season 2)
Indomitable Daughters in Law
King Gwanggaeto the Great
Miss Ajumma (periodic)
Miss Ripley
While You Were Sleeping
The Woman of our Home
Perfect Spy
My Love by My Side
The Greatest Love
Sweet Palpitation (periodic)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Daesung apologize and agrees to cover all funeral costs

According to local media Dispatch, Daesung made his first visit last night (june 1st) to the mortuary of the motorcyclist who got killed in Tuesday’s accident and apologized to the family members. The families of the victim told Dispatch, “Daesung came a little while ago (Thursday night) with YG officials. We got an apology from Daesung and YG, and talked about future funeral arrangements as well.”

Daesung made a visit around 10:30PM on June 2nd with five other YG officials and lawyers. The report said Daesung repeatedly apologized for the tragic accident as some family members demanded a direct apology from him. “Daesung too looked to be in complete agony. At first, the YG official apologized but Daesung couldn’t even say a word. The victim’s acquaintances then asked Daesung to apologize properly, and he went on to apologize to the parents and each family member of the victim, bowing his head,” one of the family members, identified only as “A,” told Dispatch.

Thursday’s meeting was the first between Daesung and the victim’s family since the car accident. Until then, the family members reportedly had not received any calls from Daesung.

“It’s true that we were somewhat disappointed in Daesung. A person just died. And he (Daesung) was involved in the accident. We thought, more than anything, a sincere apology would be the first thing to do,” said A. “But his agency just kept making excuses, telling the press that ‘Daesung was driving at 60km/hr,’ ‘I probably wouldn’t have been able to avoid the victim either.’ Our child is dead and gone, and it was just really frustrating and dismaying to see that.”

According to YG Entertainment, the reason for the delayed visit was due to Daesung’s poor health condition. Following the collision, Daesung was in severe mental pain and was unable to make any type of visit. In fact, he couldn’t eat properly and had no contact with any of his parents or family members. Also the increased public attention caused the delay, YG said.

“YG said it took longer to make a visit because they wanted to come with Daesung. At first, I was mad about it, but after seeing Daesung in person, I felt bad for the young man. He looked really painful. He got involved in such a horrible accident at a young age, and I’m sure it came as huge shock to him,” another family member “B” was quoted as saying.

It was also confirmed that YG and the victim’s family talked about future funeral arrangements. Daesung agreed to take care of all funeral costs, but further details will be arranged after the police investigation gets finalized.

“We heard about the investigation and CCTV reviews. But the most important thing right now is to find the truth. Daesung sincerely apologized and promised to fully cooperate with future proceedings, so we’re going to trust him,” the victim’s family said.

Currently, the police investigation is on-going. Initial reports from the National Forensic Service has been told to the family members only and the police reviewed the CCTV, but nothing has been made official yet. On May 31st, Daesung was involved in a car accident that resulted in the death of a motorcyclist. The motorcyclist was already suffering from an earlier collision and was in critical situation, possibly dead, before being hit by Daesung.

The victim’s family added, “The dead cannot speak. But at least the dead shouldn’t feel victimized. We just hope for a clear investigation and find the truth behind the whole accident. None of the involved parties should feel unfair or victimized. The only people we can trust at this point are the police.”

Source : soompi

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The victim's family talks about the accident

Following the unfortunate news of Big Bang Daesung’s accident and motorcyclist Hyun’s (30) death, family members of Hyun gathered today for his funeral.

On the afternoon of June 1st, Hyun’s family gathered at a funeral home in Seoul in remembrance of their beloved family member. The scene was reported to have been sorrowful as siblings, friends and relatives mourned over their loss.

Meanwhile, Hyun’s accident was first revealed through a relative of his, who will be referenced throughout the rest of this article as Person A. Person A agreed to an interview with ‘Dispatch‘ in which he stated, “After I initially got word of the accident, I was extremely shocked… Ever since he [Hyun] was little, I regarded him as my own child. To hear that he left this world at such a young age… my heart broke.”

Hyun’s older brother was also seen at the funeral. He was described as being speechless. His family stated, “He grew up with his younger brother. We brought him here to the funeral home this morning. Hyun was his only sibling so this is a major loss for him.”

It has also been revealed that Hyun’s parents have yet to be informed of their son’s death. The family stated, “His parents’ health is not stable right now. Their health is unstable to the point that everyday tasks are difficult… We think that they will go into shock if they hear about their son’s death, so we have not informed them yet.”

In regards to Daesung’s involvement in the accident, the family stated, “We have seen Daesung on TV a lot and are big fans… While the loss of a family member is hard on us, it breaks our heart to know that a young friend [Daesung] is going through such a hardship right now. We’re not sure what kind of destiny this is.” And while Hyun’s family have not come in contact with Daesung’s side, they added, “We have not come in contact with his people. Neither have they come in contact with us… We have only heard stories from police investigations and insurance companies. Because it is a hard situation for both of us, there has been no business sentiment.”

Hyun’s family also spoke out against current speculations and rumors pertaining to the accident. They said, “The autopsy results have not accurately come out yet. Also, because the CCTV has not been thoroughly evaluated yet, speculations and rumors make the situation harder… We understand that there are various stories being spread regarding the accident; however, we wish that until the results are accurately posted, that everyone will watch the situation quietly.”

As a final response, the family stated, “This whole situation is the only thing on our minds right now. We hope that when the results of the investigation are released, no one becomes victimized, including Daesung. We hope to wrap up this incident with no chagrin; that is our family’s last thoughts.”

YG Ceo talks about schedule changes and the accident

YG have now requested that Daesung be removed from the next episode of "Night after Night" where he appeared with fellow Big Bang member Seungri.

PD Choi Young In said to Star News,

“We have finalized our decision to edit him out of the episode scheduled to broadcast on the 6th. Because of the situation he’s in, YG Entertainment officials have made the request. Daesung will also not be attending the recording scheduled for the 3rd. We will not be bringing anyone in to take his place, and the recording will go on as normal.”

It seems like YG Entertainment wants to try and keep Daesung away from the public eye until the situation is fully sorted out. This is a shame, especially as many fans were anticipating the teased "Night After Night" appearance. It seems that the best thing for Daesung right now is to let the investigation run its course while YG take measures to protect his mental state as well as his public image. The first is much more important, especially as people say of Daesung that he is someone who blames himself a lot. Even super Kpop star Lee Hyori wrote on her twitter that Daesung was that sort of person and it made her sad.

But, there is a little light at the end of the tunnel right now, and that comes in the form of Yang Hyun Suk and the YG family. "Family" is a word that is not used lightly but in this case it is an appropriate term. CEO Yang Hyun Suk has enveloped Daesung with a blanket of love and support. As you will see from the following message that he wrote on YG Life, managers were with Daesung within twenty minutes of the accident and right now YG are putting their full efforts into helping him. This support is of such a high level that they are postponing events to focus on him.

This is what he wrote on YG Life:

“2NE1’s new song release, as well as this week’s ‘YG ON AIR’ broadcast has been postponed for a week. We would like to apologize for not being able to alert our fans of this earlier, as it was a decision made under emergency circumstances. We ask our fans for their understanding.

With regards to news of Daesung’s car accident, we would first and foremost like to send our deepest condolences to the deceased and his family members. We pray that he rests in peace.

I know that Daesung is the type to always blame himself for everything that goes wrong, so I was very worried about Daesung’s condition after the accident. Just as I expected, he was holed up in his room, refusing to even talk to his family members.

No matter what I say, I know that it cannot console him, but I visited his dorm in the early morning and told him, ‘Daesung, if I was in your position, it would have been hard for me to avoid it as well.’

I did not say that simply to console him, but because it is truly how I feel. At the time of the accident, the managers received emergency notification and arrived at the scene within 20 minutes. They were able to observe the scene of the accident.

To briefly describe what happened, at 1:30 AM KST on May 31st, it was raining and a victim of another accident was lying on the road. A car ahead of Daesung discovered the victim and quickly swerved off the lane, but Daesung was unable to avoid hitting the taxi that was stopped at the front, resulting in a collision.

Because it was so sudden, Daesung did not know even after the collision that there was a motorcyclist on the scene. Though the taxi driver estimated Daesung’s speed to be at 60km/h, Daesung testified that he was driving at 80km/h. The truth will be discovered through CCTV evaluations and police investigations; yet because the taxi driver has long-time driving experience, and because people don’t accelerate on downhill lanes, in addition to the fact that there was a turn at the end, I feel that the taxi driver’s estimation is closer to the truth.

I know that the pain Daesung is going through is incomparable to the agony that the victim and his family are undergoing, but what I am most worried about is that this will bring about serious psychological trauma that will last months, years, or maybe an entire life-time. What I am most upset about is that Daesung had also been in an accident prior to this in 2009, where he had almost lost his life. That shock still has not worn off, and he has suffered yet another shocking accident.

Maybe well into the future… but this might be the most difficult time for Daesung.

I honestly hope that accurate investigations will be carried out so that the weight Daesung is carrying can be lifted free.

Thank you to all of you who are worrying over Daesung. I would like to once again send my deepest condolences to the victim and his family.”

Right now this is possibly the best thing for Daesung, they need to keep him away from work, they need to support him with love, and it amazes me how much YG truly cares. The fact they are postponing 2NE1's release and YG On Air shows that he is their number one priority right now. With that support, and the love from his family and his Big Bang family, hopefully things will improve from here.

Also the drama "What's Up" wich features Daesung will be postponed indefinitely

Source : soompi

Source : bigbangupdates

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The taxi driver from Daesung's accident shares his side of the story

In an exclusive report today, local media Dispatch interviewed the taxi driver, identified only as Kim, involved in yesterday’s car accident by Daesung. He was the first person to spot the motorcyclist who got killed in the accident and the only witness of Daesung’s crash into his car.

Kim started off by saying, “A lot of things are being falsely reported. We shouldn’t make an innocent victim out of this incident.”

Countless rumors have been spreading about the very first accident that had caused the motorcyclist to hit the ground. Some were guessing the motorcyclist wasn’t hurt as bad before being hit by Daesung, and claimed the very first accident could not have caused the motorcyclist to die. But the taxi driver said, “Hyun (motorcyclist) was already bleeding a lot by then. I think the first accident was extremely damaging.”

Kim added, “There’s a good chance that Daesung couldn’t identify the victim.” The accident happened late at night when it was very dark and the victim was wearing khaki clothes, making it even harder to spot in the dark.

Q: The motorcyclist died. There’s a lot of speculation that Daesung might have caused the death.

A: It looked like the motorcyclist was already in extreme pain from the initial accident. First of all, the motorcycle and the motorcyclist were 30 meters apart. The condition of the motorcyclist was easily noticeable. He was bleeding a lot and you could see a lot of blood around his body. The helmet wasn’t even found anywhere close possibly because of the heavy impact. When I saw the helmet later when the police brought it, it was severely damaged.

Q: Kim was able to find the motorcyclist in his car. But Daesung couldn’t identify him. And he ended up hitting Hyun and crashed into the taxi too.

A: There’s a reason Daesung couldn’t avoid Hyun. It’s because there was another vehicle in front of Daesung. Actually, I parked my car after seeing the victim on the ground. I was about to call the police. Right about then, another car abruptly changed lanes after seeing Hyun. And the car coming right behind that vehicle was Daesung’s. The car in the front avoided the victim but it looks like Daesung couldn’t see him. Usually, when the car in the front quickly shifts lanes, the car in the back misses what caused it to swerve.”

Q: Daesung said he didn’t see the motorcyclist.

A: Daesung had no idea about the motorcyclist. In fact, he learned about it after I told there was a person lying on the ground. Because the car right in front of him had swerved, he probably couldn’t see the victim at all.

Q: Daesung is being accused of speeding and negligent driving.

A: It looked like he was driving at 60km/hr. Because the car in front of him wasn’t speeding that much. It’s what I saw through my car’s room mirror. This is what I testified to the police. I heard Daesung told the police he was driving at 80km/hr, but I think that’s just what he felt when he crashed into the cab.

Q: No skid marks were found. Does that mean he hit the brake after hitting the cab?

A: I think he accidentally stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake. If the brake was working properly, there should have been skid marks, but there weren’t any. After the collision, the taxi moved about 30m forward. If the cab was pushed away that far, that means the brake was not applied. I guess he was extremely nervous and shocked at the moment and couldn’t step on the brake.

Q: Were you able to tell Daesung was shocked?

A: Everything was just totally crazy. An accident had occurred, and a victim was there. And in less than 10 minutes, reporters came from everywhere. Him being a celebrity and young, I think he was even more shocked. Even when he was being questioned by the police, his hands were shaking a lot.

Q: A lot of speculations are swirling around. How do you feel as the only witness?

A: I feel bad. It was probably his poor driving that caused him to miss the motorcyclist and drive over him. But the very first accident has not been identified yet, and we have no idea who caused it. Daesung is being held responsible for everything for some reason, but there’s a chance that he’s being wrongfully accused for a lot of things. And that’s why I took the courage to take action and speak out.

Source : soompi