Friday, June 3, 2011

Daesung apologize and agrees to cover all funeral costs

According to local media Dispatch, Daesung made his first visit last night (june 1st) to the mortuary of the motorcyclist who got killed in Tuesday’s accident and apologized to the family members. The families of the victim told Dispatch, “Daesung came a little while ago (Thursday night) with YG officials. We got an apology from Daesung and YG, and talked about future funeral arrangements as well.”

Daesung made a visit around 10:30PM on June 2nd with five other YG officials and lawyers. The report said Daesung repeatedly apologized for the tragic accident as some family members demanded a direct apology from him. “Daesung too looked to be in complete agony. At first, the YG official apologized but Daesung couldn’t even say a word. The victim’s acquaintances then asked Daesung to apologize properly, and he went on to apologize to the parents and each family member of the victim, bowing his head,” one of the family members, identified only as “A,” told Dispatch.

Thursday’s meeting was the first between Daesung and the victim’s family since the car accident. Until then, the family members reportedly had not received any calls from Daesung.

“It’s true that we were somewhat disappointed in Daesung. A person just died. And he (Daesung) was involved in the accident. We thought, more than anything, a sincere apology would be the first thing to do,” said A. “But his agency just kept making excuses, telling the press that ‘Daesung was driving at 60km/hr,’ ‘I probably wouldn’t have been able to avoid the victim either.’ Our child is dead and gone, and it was just really frustrating and dismaying to see that.”

According to YG Entertainment, the reason for the delayed visit was due to Daesung’s poor health condition. Following the collision, Daesung was in severe mental pain and was unable to make any type of visit. In fact, he couldn’t eat properly and had no contact with any of his parents or family members. Also the increased public attention caused the delay, YG said.

“YG said it took longer to make a visit because they wanted to come with Daesung. At first, I was mad about it, but after seeing Daesung in person, I felt bad for the young man. He looked really painful. He got involved in such a horrible accident at a young age, and I’m sure it came as huge shock to him,” another family member “B” was quoted as saying.

It was also confirmed that YG and the victim’s family talked about future funeral arrangements. Daesung agreed to take care of all funeral costs, but further details will be arranged after the police investigation gets finalized.

“We heard about the investigation and CCTV reviews. But the most important thing right now is to find the truth. Daesung sincerely apologized and promised to fully cooperate with future proceedings, so we’re going to trust him,” the victim’s family said.

Currently, the police investigation is on-going. Initial reports from the National Forensic Service has been told to the family members only and the police reviewed the CCTV, but nothing has been made official yet. On May 31st, Daesung was involved in a car accident that resulted in the death of a motorcyclist. The motorcyclist was already suffering from an earlier collision and was in critical situation, possibly dead, before being hit by Daesung.

The victim’s family added, “The dead cannot speak. But at least the dead shouldn’t feel victimized. We just hope for a clear investigation and find the truth behind the whole accident. None of the involved parties should feel unfair or victimized. The only people we can trust at this point are the police.”

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The victim's family talks about the accident

Following the unfortunate news of Big Bang Daesung’s accident and motorcyclist Hyun’s (30) death, family members of Hyun gathered today for his funeral.

On the afternoon of June 1st, Hyun’s family gathered at a funeral home in Seoul in remembrance of their beloved family member. The scene was reported to have been sorrowful as siblings, friends and relatives mourned over their loss.

Meanwhile, Hyun’s accident was first revealed through a relative of his, who will be referenced throughout the rest of this article as Person A. Person A agreed to an interview with ‘Dispatch‘ in which he stated, “After I initially got word of the accident, I was extremely shocked… Ever since he [Hyun] was little, I regarded him as my own child. To hear that he left this world at such a young age… my heart broke.”

Hyun’s older brother was also seen at the funeral. He was described as being speechless. His family stated, “He grew up with his younger brother. We brought him here to the funeral home this morning. Hyun was his only sibling so this is a major loss for him.”

It has also been revealed that Hyun’s parents have yet to be informed of their son’s death. The family stated, “His parents’ health is not stable right now. Their health is unstable to the point that everyday tasks are difficult… We think that they will go into shock if they hear about their son’s death, so we have not informed them yet.”

In regards to Daesung’s involvement in the accident, the family stated, “We have seen Daesung on TV a lot and are big fans… While the loss of a family member is hard on us, it breaks our heart to know that a young friend [Daesung] is going through such a hardship right now. We’re not sure what kind of destiny this is.” And while Hyun’s family have not come in contact with Daesung’s side, they added, “We have not come in contact with his people. Neither have they come in contact with us… We have only heard stories from police investigations and insurance companies. Because it is a hard situation for both of us, there has been no business sentiment.”

Hyun’s family also spoke out against current speculations and rumors pertaining to the accident. They said, “The autopsy results have not accurately come out yet. Also, because the CCTV has not been thoroughly evaluated yet, speculations and rumors make the situation harder… We understand that there are various stories being spread regarding the accident; however, we wish that until the results are accurately posted, that everyone will watch the situation quietly.”

As a final response, the family stated, “This whole situation is the only thing on our minds right now. We hope that when the results of the investigation are released, no one becomes victimized, including Daesung. We hope to wrap up this incident with no chagrin; that is our family’s last thoughts.”

YG Ceo talks about schedule changes and the accident

YG have now requested that Daesung be removed from the next episode of "Night after Night" where he appeared with fellow Big Bang member Seungri.

PD Choi Young In said to Star News,

“We have finalized our decision to edit him out of the episode scheduled to broadcast on the 6th. Because of the situation he’s in, YG Entertainment officials have made the request. Daesung will also not be attending the recording scheduled for the 3rd. We will not be bringing anyone in to take his place, and the recording will go on as normal.”

It seems like YG Entertainment wants to try and keep Daesung away from the public eye until the situation is fully sorted out. This is a shame, especially as many fans were anticipating the teased "Night After Night" appearance. It seems that the best thing for Daesung right now is to let the investigation run its course while YG take measures to protect his mental state as well as his public image. The first is much more important, especially as people say of Daesung that he is someone who blames himself a lot. Even super Kpop star Lee Hyori wrote on her twitter that Daesung was that sort of person and it made her sad.

But, there is a little light at the end of the tunnel right now, and that comes in the form of Yang Hyun Suk and the YG family. "Family" is a word that is not used lightly but in this case it is an appropriate term. CEO Yang Hyun Suk has enveloped Daesung with a blanket of love and support. As you will see from the following message that he wrote on YG Life, managers were with Daesung within twenty minutes of the accident and right now YG are putting their full efforts into helping him. This support is of such a high level that they are postponing events to focus on him.

This is what he wrote on YG Life:

“2NE1’s new song release, as well as this week’s ‘YG ON AIR’ broadcast has been postponed for a week. We would like to apologize for not being able to alert our fans of this earlier, as it was a decision made under emergency circumstances. We ask our fans for their understanding.

With regards to news of Daesung’s car accident, we would first and foremost like to send our deepest condolences to the deceased and his family members. We pray that he rests in peace.

I know that Daesung is the type to always blame himself for everything that goes wrong, so I was very worried about Daesung’s condition after the accident. Just as I expected, he was holed up in his room, refusing to even talk to his family members.

No matter what I say, I know that it cannot console him, but I visited his dorm in the early morning and told him, ‘Daesung, if I was in your position, it would have been hard for me to avoid it as well.’

I did not say that simply to console him, but because it is truly how I feel. At the time of the accident, the managers received emergency notification and arrived at the scene within 20 minutes. They were able to observe the scene of the accident.

To briefly describe what happened, at 1:30 AM KST on May 31st, it was raining and a victim of another accident was lying on the road. A car ahead of Daesung discovered the victim and quickly swerved off the lane, but Daesung was unable to avoid hitting the taxi that was stopped at the front, resulting in a collision.

Because it was so sudden, Daesung did not know even after the collision that there was a motorcyclist on the scene. Though the taxi driver estimated Daesung’s speed to be at 60km/h, Daesung testified that he was driving at 80km/h. The truth will be discovered through CCTV evaluations and police investigations; yet because the taxi driver has long-time driving experience, and because people don’t accelerate on downhill lanes, in addition to the fact that there was a turn at the end, I feel that the taxi driver’s estimation is closer to the truth.

I know that the pain Daesung is going through is incomparable to the agony that the victim and his family are undergoing, but what I am most worried about is that this will bring about serious psychological trauma that will last months, years, or maybe an entire life-time. What I am most upset about is that Daesung had also been in an accident prior to this in 2009, where he had almost lost his life. That shock still has not worn off, and he has suffered yet another shocking accident.

Maybe well into the future… but this might be the most difficult time for Daesung.

I honestly hope that accurate investigations will be carried out so that the weight Daesung is carrying can be lifted free.

Thank you to all of you who are worrying over Daesung. I would like to once again send my deepest condolences to the victim and his family.”

Right now this is possibly the best thing for Daesung, they need to keep him away from work, they need to support him with love, and it amazes me how much YG truly cares. The fact they are postponing 2NE1's release and YG On Air shows that he is their number one priority right now. With that support, and the love from his family and his Big Bang family, hopefully things will improve from here.

Also the drama "What's Up" wich features Daesung will be postponed indefinitely

Source : soompi

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The taxi driver from Daesung's accident shares his side of the story

In an exclusive report today, local media Dispatch interviewed the taxi driver, identified only as Kim, involved in yesterday’s car accident by Daesung. He was the first person to spot the motorcyclist who got killed in the accident and the only witness of Daesung’s crash into his car.

Kim started off by saying, “A lot of things are being falsely reported. We shouldn’t make an innocent victim out of this incident.”

Countless rumors have been spreading about the very first accident that had caused the motorcyclist to hit the ground. Some were guessing the motorcyclist wasn’t hurt as bad before being hit by Daesung, and claimed the very first accident could not have caused the motorcyclist to die. But the taxi driver said, “Hyun (motorcyclist) was already bleeding a lot by then. I think the first accident was extremely damaging.”

Kim added, “There’s a good chance that Daesung couldn’t identify the victim.” The accident happened late at night when it was very dark and the victim was wearing khaki clothes, making it even harder to spot in the dark.

Q: The motorcyclist died. There’s a lot of speculation that Daesung might have caused the death.

A: It looked like the motorcyclist was already in extreme pain from the initial accident. First of all, the motorcycle and the motorcyclist were 30 meters apart. The condition of the motorcyclist was easily noticeable. He was bleeding a lot and you could see a lot of blood around his body. The helmet wasn’t even found anywhere close possibly because of the heavy impact. When I saw the helmet later when the police brought it, it was severely damaged.

Q: Kim was able to find the motorcyclist in his car. But Daesung couldn’t identify him. And he ended up hitting Hyun and crashed into the taxi too.

A: There’s a reason Daesung couldn’t avoid Hyun. It’s because there was another vehicle in front of Daesung. Actually, I parked my car after seeing the victim on the ground. I was about to call the police. Right about then, another car abruptly changed lanes after seeing Hyun. And the car coming right behind that vehicle was Daesung’s. The car in the front avoided the victim but it looks like Daesung couldn’t see him. Usually, when the car in the front quickly shifts lanes, the car in the back misses what caused it to swerve.”

Q: Daesung said he didn’t see the motorcyclist.

A: Daesung had no idea about the motorcyclist. In fact, he learned about it after I told there was a person lying on the ground. Because the car right in front of him had swerved, he probably couldn’t see the victim at all.

Q: Daesung is being accused of speeding and negligent driving.

A: It looked like he was driving at 60km/hr. Because the car in front of him wasn’t speeding that much. It’s what I saw through my car’s room mirror. This is what I testified to the police. I heard Daesung told the police he was driving at 80km/hr, but I think that’s just what he felt when he crashed into the cab.

Q: No skid marks were found. Does that mean he hit the brake after hitting the cab?

A: I think he accidentally stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake. If the brake was working properly, there should have been skid marks, but there weren’t any. After the collision, the taxi moved about 30m forward. If the cab was pushed away that far, that means the brake was not applied. I guess he was extremely nervous and shocked at the moment and couldn’t step on the brake.

Q: Were you able to tell Daesung was shocked?

A: Everything was just totally crazy. An accident had occurred, and a victim was there. And in less than 10 minutes, reporters came from everywhere. Him being a celebrity and young, I think he was even more shocked. Even when he was being questioned by the police, his hands were shaking a lot.

Q: A lot of speculations are swirling around. How do you feel as the only witness?

A: I feel bad. It was probably his poor driving that caused him to miss the motorcyclist and drive over him. But the very first accident has not been identified yet, and we have no idea who caused it. Daesung is being held responsible for everything for some reason, but there’s a chance that he’s being wrongfully accused for a lot of things. And that’s why I took the courage to take action and speak out.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

City Hunter First Impression

After many problems with my internet connection I finally got to see City Hunter
Throughout the two episodes I was mesmerized by Lee Min Ho. He really is a good actor.  Action movies are not made ​​for everyone for example I do not see Kim Hyun Joong in an action movie and you do not want to see either. This story is typical of many action movie gimmick, blood, beautiful girls, acrobatics, and you know the rest. City Hunter is a story based on revenge from father to son.

So we have Lee Jin Pyo ex-unit member of anti-north korea squad. During a mission he had with his best friend the south army which was supose to help them opened the fire. He promised his dying friend to take care of his newborn son. Lee Jin Pyo then kidnaps the baby to raise him in Golden Triangle in Southeast Asia, which is prime drug-producing territory .Whatever he lives has the boss of this domain with a militia of men under his authority. But long before all this he'll be headed in the office of Choi Eung Chan, one of five high-ranking Government Official who plan the trap.  Lee Jin Pyo then promised the man that he will take revenge. So we can see that he is wounded by the death of his friend and the betrayal of his country and this is why he wants revenge.

The son of his friend is obviously Lee Yoon Sung. It will grow with the idea that his mother died which will affect her child. When he later learned his secret of  birth he wants revenge. Seven years to come he will train to be realized his desire of vengeance. Younger he was seen as a cheerful person but he seems to has change is more serious and seems a bit arrogant. Characteristic that a good lead in a drama should have. He is so sex just waw. Then his goal is to avenge his father by killing the five high-ranking Governement Official that we demand the death of the twenty officers on mission, which his father was part.

I not understand the relationship betwen Kim nana and the man Lee Yoon Sung saves early. In the first episode the man shows her picture to Yon Sung and seemed to say he was his father. But in the second episode she talked about her dad and he’s in a coma since ten year. When Lee Yoon Sung will go to seoul seven years will be spent. Several things do not coincide. Kim na na is proud to become like her father a bodyguard for president. She seems to did several small job at the same time to pay the hospital bills of his father. In addition to his house several furnitures had a red ticket on them. Sign that there is a creditor in the area. She looks like a strong woman who have her own opinion of things not too naive either.

We do not know much about the five members yet. Except for Choi Eung chan is the only council member who's greatly conflicted about this turn of events. We also know that he will become the president.

Lee min ho is fabulous in his role there is no over acting with him. For the others actors I would say that everyone is pretty professional. I give City Hunter an 8/10 therefore everything is just fine. The drama is totally interested in watching. The action does not appear overdone and special effects sound credible. The story is very cliché but acceptable.

Bigbang's future activities are disurpted

After the fatal car accident involving Big Bang member Daesung, activities are expected to inevitably be disrupted for some time.

Agency YG Entertainment said, “After the accident and being investigated for 3-4 hours at the police station, (Daesung) has returned to the hostel to rest”, adding, “he is in shock and worrying greatly.”

According to YG, Daesung has no particular schedule for some time. The show that he is currently a regular on, SBS ‘Night After Night’, will not be recording this week, as explained by the agency. After the end of the 19-day concerts in Japan, Big Bang was on vacation until about next week.

However, the police investigation that is expected to take time looks to affect Big Bang’s future activities. In particular, in the case of if the death of the motorcyclist was caused by Daesung’s car accident, personal detainment may be inevitable.

The police are trying to find out the details of the first accident of the motorcyclist hit by Daesung’s car, and an autopsy has been scheduled to discover the cause of death.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Important message

We're all very sad about the accident involving Daesung. We will keep you updated on the situation. I planned to post my first impressions of City Hunter, but I think this is not the right time. We'll take this day to make regular updates. We're really saddened by the death of the motorcyclist and find it more respectful not to post today in order to not overlook the death that could have been avoided if there had been no hit and run in the first place. Daesung is completely demolished and overwhelmed by the situation. We also want to respect his privacy.

By the team

Daesung involved in a car accident Part 2

I couldn't edit the other post so here is the update.
The whole story is a total mess.
I'm guessing YG will make an announcement around 10 AM.

Photos of Daesung's Audi A4 have been revealed through Korean press. The photos show his car's front badly damaged by the car crash. The photos also show a tow truck also picking up the car, it is evident from the photos that the crash was not simply a "tapping", but a serious collision.

YG has yet to make a statement on the accident and there has been no information as to how involved Daesung is in the accident. Currently, it is believed that he is being talked to by Seoul's Young Deung Po Police.

Police have also revealed that the motorcyclist is not dead and is currently in the hospital, but there has been no word on his condition.

Source: Nate

(Translations from Koreaboo)

The motorcyclist is currently at the hospital, and the hospital has not confirmed his death. Taxi driver has suffered no serious injuries.

Daesung got out of his car right after the collision and asked the taxi driver whether he was okay, when the taxi driver redirected attention to the bleeding already unconscious motorcyclist. Both the taxi driver and Daesung are at the police station together being investigated.

Source: Star + fuckyeahbigbangstuff

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UPDATE 5: Naver News is stating that the motorcyclist is dead, and an autopsy is being scheduled to determine cause of death (other sources are saying that death is still not confirmed).

Police official is quoted saying, “The exact cause of death is not yet known, but Daesung’s charges will vary depending on whether or not his accident caused the fatal injury.”

Daesung was reportedly driving at 60km (37.3miles) at the time of collision.

Source: Naver + fuckyeahbigbangstuff

Update 6: YG Entertainment has released a statement on the accident involving Daesung, a taxi driver and a motorcyclist. They have revealed that at 1:40AM, Daesung was driving downhill around the area of Seoul's Yanghwa Bridge. During this time, he crashed into a taxi driver, rear-ending him. The taxi driver was reported to have not suffered any major injuries.

YG Entertainment revealed that Daesung was driving along the first lane when the taxi suddenly switched from the first lane to the second, then back again. This is when Daesung rear-ended the taxi driver. When Daesung got out of the car to speak to the driver, the driver revealed that he had switched lanes to avoid hitting the motorcyclist infront of him.

The two then alerted the police, revealing that the motorcyclist was bleeding on the road.

Police are currently investigating the accident and the involvement of Daesung and the taxi driver in the accident that caused the motorcyclist to be hit. They have also reported that the motorcyclist is not dead, but rather in the hospital.
Source : koreaboo

Update 7: The police will start an official investigation about what happened around the time of the accident. They're currently gathering CCTV recordings from the surrounding buildings and will be handing all evidence to the NISI (National Institute of Scientific Investigation).

It was also released that the motorcyclist didn't survive the accident and that they'll be doing an autopsy to see what the main cause of his death was.
Source : koreaboo

Update 8 : YG said to Star News : "Daesung is having a very hard time right now. The reason behind Daesung’s agony is concern and sadness for the deceased person, who may or may not have passed away because of his mistake. His sadness and concern for the deceased is first in his mind, so Daesung is crying a lot right now."
Source : bigbangstuff

Last Update : Since Daesung’s car hit a motorcycle that had already fallen before his arrival and not a moving car, his charge is ‘neglectful accident’ rather than a ‘intrusion of safe driving distance.’

Daesung’s punishment depends on whether or not the motorcyclist was dead at the time of Daesung’s car crash.

If the motorcyclist was already dead when Daesung’s car crashed, this is a ‘ruin of corpse’ and not a ‘car accident violence’ and thus Daesung is not lawfully responsible for a compensation, although morally expected.

Even if the motorcyclist was alive when the second collision (by Daesung’s car) occurred, Daesung’s “neglect” was not heavy (a ‘heavy neglect’ would include DUI and traffic signal violation) and therefore will not lead to Daesung’s imprisonment and the like. He is, however, lawfully responsible to compensate. A typical fatal car accidents are at least $18,000 ~ $28,000 and depends on the annual income from there.
Source : bigbangupdate

Daesung involved in a car accident

Let me just say that the whole story is not clear but I will keep updating when more information will be available. Here is the most coherent article found :

Big Bang's Daesung has been reported to be involved in a serious car accident, with the other party involved being pronounced dead at the scene. It was reported that at 1:40AM in Seoul, Big Bang's Daesung hit a motorcyclist in his Audi. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene.

Youngdong Police have announced that they are currently investigating the singer, as there are suspicions of Daesung being drunk at the time of the accident.

Source: SBS (Article already modified. See update below.) + Koreaboo

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UPDATE (as of 3:48AM KST): It's been revealed that Daesung was not under the influence of alcohol and is currently speaking to police about the accident. Reports have revealed that the man on the motorcycle was hit by a hit-and-run, not from Daesung himself. When a taxi driver stopped to assess the situation and help the motorcyclist, Daesung crashed into the taxi.

There are also conflicting reports that the taxi, once being hit by Daesung, crashed into the motorcyclist killing him. However, it is not clear whether or not this actually occurred and how serious the motorcyclists condition was after being hit by the original car.

Source: SBS + Koreaboo

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UPDATE (as of 3:57AM KST): Although news are saying the motorcyclist was already pronounced dead, officials are saying that he is still in the hospital and whether he is dead or not still has not been disclosed.

Source: Star News + ibigbang

Source for everything : bigbangupdates