Friday, May 20, 2011

U.S. Veterans Admit Burying Deadly Chemical in Korea

The Environment Ministry is investigating claims by three American veterans that the U.S. Forces Korea buried the toxic defoliant Agent Orange at one of their bases in Korea. KPHO-TV in Phoenix, Arizona on Monday broadcast interviews with the three.
One of them, Steve House, who served as a heavy machinery operator at Camp Carroll in Waegwan, North Gyeongsang Province in 1978 said, "Yeah, it haunts me. We basically buried our garbage in their back yard." The soldiers were ordered to dig a ditch almost the size of a city block. "Fifty-five gallon drums with bright yellow, some of them bright orange, writing on them," said House. "And some of the cans said Province of Vietnam, Compound Orange."

Robert Travis, who served at Camp Carroll with House, said, "There were approximately 250 drums, all OD green," adding he remembers hand-wheeling each barrel out of the warehouse. Travis said he developed a red rash all over his body after accidentally touching the chemical that seeped out of the drums. Agent Orange was widely used during the Vietnam War and is an extremely toxic chemical based on the carcinogenic compound dioxin and causes trees and plants to wither and die.

The Environment Ministry said Thursday it will launch an investigation of the environmental effects, including contamination to the underground water supply and rivers, following an on-site inspection of Camp Carroll and consultations with experts.

A ministry official said, "We asked the U.S. military to verify the location and other information about the claims but have only been told that they are looking into the information but have so far been unable to find relevant records." He added the ministry is willing to conduct a joint investigation with the U.S.

The Eighth U.S. Army, which oversees Camp Carroll, in a statement said it will conduct "additional investigations."
Source : Chosun

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Crucifixion death was suicide

the original article :

Police Say Man Crucified Himself

Authorities have concluded that a man found crucified in a manner similar to that of Jesus committed suicide.

The body of the 58-year-old man, identified only as Kim, was found earlier this month in an abandoned rock quarry in the central city of Mungyeong. He was dressed in a pair of undershorts and wearing a crown of thorns on his head. He had a stab wound in his side, and nails hammered through his hands and feet.

Local police say Kim carried out the crucifixion alone, based on evidence found at the scene, including notes on how a person can actually hang himself on a cross. Investigators came to the conclusion after staging at least one reenactment based on the instructions.

Police initially said they discovered nails, a hammer and an electric drill near the scene. Kim's hands had holes in them caused by a drill.

The man was reported to have held extreme views on religion.

For those who didn't knew ( because the body was discovered at the beginning of may before the blog started) :

Man Found Dead Crucifixion Style

The body of a man has been discovered nailed to a wooden cross in a manner echoing representations of the death of Jesus Christ.

Police say the body of a 58-year-old man identified only as Kim was found Sunday in an abandoned rock quarry in the central city of Mungyeong. He was dressed in a pair of undershorts and wearing a crown of thorns on his head. He had a stab wound in his side, and nails hammered through his hands and feet.

Investigators say they discovered nails, a hammer and an electric drill near the scene. The dead man's hands had holes in them caused by a drill.

A forensic examination will be conducted on the man to determine when he died, and whether he committed suicide or was murdered. Police say Kim was reported to have held extreme views on religion.


Man found dead crucifixion style

He did it himself

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beast's Fiction And Fact

I finally get to hear this album.
1. Fact : a simple song with nice instrumental and strong voices. The chorus in really nice but not catchy, the rap is a good way to finish the song
2. Fiction : The title track. I like the instrumental, the chorus is catchy, the beat is really good and the voices are good and the rap is perfect. (It will probably stick in my head for some time)
3. Back To you :Ballad, maybe, not sure, but the beat is good as well as the chorus ( a bit catchy) and the rap. The overall song is nice, but it is nothing exceptional.
4. You : Nice instrumental ballad with violin and guitar, it is simple but sweet, but one slight bad point : a bit too repetitive.
5. Freeze : It is Junhyung's song it is more upbeat than the last two songs, it also have a happy feeling (reminds me of some of Johnny's songs so -----> Jpop feeling), it is alsoo more electronical than the previous songs, well it is good to brighten your mood.
6. Virus : The "Black R&B" (wanna be) song, it has the R&B feeling. But this style doesn't fit with bands, but the rap part fits perfectly in the song. I don't hate it but if I want ot listen to an R&B song, I will listen to Taeyang and not Beast.
7. Borrabojiman (불러보지만) : An electronic ballad. The instrumental reminds me a little bit TM Revolution's songs (it is not a band thing), the voices and the chorus are nice but the rap feels out of place.
8. biga oneun naren (비가 오는 날엔) : A "back to the basics" ballad with acoustic guitar and quite a simple beat, but the vocal are beautiful and the song is full of emotions (especially nostalgia).
9. Lightless (Unplugged Ver.) : They completely remade the song, it is full of feelings(sadness and sorrow), it is almost as if it is painful to sing this one. The voices are absolutely perfect and beautiful and the rap is so soft, no matter how many times I listen to this it never fails to bring out tears.
10. Fiction (Orchestra Ver.) : I usually am a fan of orchestral songs. But this is disappointing, it is cute, but in order to match the song, some parts should have been more powerful, I think they lack of wind instruments and maybe they couldn't get a hold on a full orchestra.

The overall album: A lot of ballads (unfortunately), I don't hate them but Beast's strong point (at least for me) was the fact they had very little ballads. they had maybe 5 of them out 25 songs. I will stil buy it ^^. Also a mature feeling, the songs are more elaborated, and I can that they worked more on every song to polish it.
Favorite song : Fiction and Freeze.
Favorite ballad : Lightless Unplugged Ver. and biga oneun naren (비가 오는 나렌)

Beast's clip Fiction

A Beast post again, you must think I'm crazy (maybe I am or just a big fan)

So the song is catchy with nice instrumental, there is a mature feeling in this compared to their previous songs.
There is a story and it is quite obvious and easy to understand (thank you cube) and it goes a bit like that : the guy loves the girl and she loves him but for some reason (we don't know), they can't see each other, and they write in a journal, and I guess the journal holds their memories.
The dance : feet dance with hands in my pocket !!!
Well that's it I will try to post as soon as possible my review of the cd that is still unfinished
As someone said in a forum after Bigbang's flying bird move,, it is Beast's penguin move. I really love it XD