Saturday, June 25, 2011

About Me

How did you first came in contact with Asia ?

I came in contact in asia during my first year of high school, seven years ago. I had a friend who read and watch InuYasha on YTV and she made me read it but I mainly watched the show (in english with english subtitles) and I liked it so I watched it until the end. At that time also my sister was begining to be interested in Asia bu tif I remember well it was Gackt for her.

Anime ?

While watching InuYasha I came across Gundam Seed and I liked it even more than InuYasha. To make it short, the first animus I watch were english dubbed on TV but after a while I started to watch on the internet and of course watching in japanese with english subtitles.
Even up to now I watch animes but I find it hard to watch them until the end because I get bored quite fast but there are really great animes for example Code Geass, Inuyasha, Gundam Seed (plus destiny), Rainbow, and of course Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon.

Drama ?

I first watched "One litter of tears" (by myself) and "Hana Yori Dango" (with my sister) but at that time I was mainly watching animes. The reason why I switched to dramas is quite simple, the plot were beginning to be uninteresting. I first started with japanese drama (I couldn't bear to watch watch Korean drama), I also tried to watch Taiwanese drama but it didn't worked either. I started watching Korean drama not long ago because japanese drama were also starting to be boring.
Best Korean Drama ? White Christmas, King of Baking, Dream High, Mary Stayed Out All Night, A Man Called God
Best Japanese Drama ? A Million Stars Falling From The Sky, Liar Game, One missed Call, Jin, Mr Brain

Manga ?

I still read a lot of them, I started more or less at the same time as animes but I still read a lot of them now and I am quite impress because I have been reading some for a few years already and i am not tired of them ^^. I read Subaru Moon solitude standing, skip Beat,Kuroshitsuji, The One, Naruto, Red and others I can't remember.

Music ?

I was introduced to Asian music almost as the same time as Asia thanks to animes, it started with Ayumi Hamasaki and then Gackt, T.M. Revolution and after that I followed my sister who discovered Boys band from Johnny's Entertainment first Arashi then SMAP. After that I switch a bit more than six month ago to KPop with CodeV poisoning and following was BEASt and then my sister made me listen to Bigbang that I didn't really liked until GD&TOP, after that came Dalmatian, block B and not long ago I listened to Jang Woo Huyk and also the rock group that has yet to debut Yanghwajin since I don't only listen to Kpop (I listen to metal and classical music but I do like asian metal and I'm sorry but japanese don't what metal is at best they do rock, and the best asian metal I have ever heard is chinese believe me it is really good and it is not always gothic metal), really appreciate Yanghwajin's sound because they are really close to what I call "real rock". Yes I love music (I could go on forever but i'll stop). And I am also a big fan of simon and martina (I love these two ).

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dramaholics news

I'm sorry for not posting everyday. The reason is that I'm working. I will do my best !!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The police confirms that the motorcyclist died from the collision with Daesung's car

On June 24th, the Seoul, Youngdeungpo police revealed, “Hyun, the deceased motorcyclist involved in Daesung’s car accident, died from Daesung’s collision. As a result, the police will be making a dispatch to charge him without detention.”

On this day, the Youngdeungpo police held a press conference revealing their investigations and confirmed that there was only a 132-second window between the first accident and the collision with Daesung’s car. They revealed, “There was only about two minutes between his motorcycle accident and Daesung’s accident, so we have determined that Hyun did not die in that time frame. There were not a lot of cars on the road and the speed limit was 60 km/h, but we discovered through the taxi’s video that he was speeding at 70 to 80 km/h.”

When asked to confirm whether there was a previous hit-and-run accident, police stated, “It has nothing to do with the case. There weren’t a lot of cars on the road at the time, and his alcohol level was 0.186. It has nothing to do with a hit-and-run.”

With confirmation that Hyun was killed by Daesung’s car, what Daesung will be charged for is currently unknown. The law states that he could be jailed for under five years, or pay a penalty of $20,000 USD.

Source: bigbangupdates

It is sad that Daesung is responsible of the motorcyclist death but he has to pay for what he did, I just hope the society will not be harsh on what will follow