Friday, June 10, 2011

The Hanazawa Rui

Dont misunderstand you will love this post. Then dramaholics you have to know something about me and Sayuri ( yes I use your name without permission ). The thing is that we class all the second lead. For that we based on Hanazawa Rui ( Hana Yori Dango) to make the categories.

We all have our thought about the second lead. They had their own characteristic but in the end they are always an Hanazawa Rui. We give them this name to honor Rui who was a great second lead we can based on him for the other one ha ha ha. I hate second lead and I will told you why. They are so damn stupid. If you love her fight for her love. How can you let this arrogant man take your lady like that. Dramaholics don't say it I know those girls are more ashamed because in general the second lead is just too perfect. Then lets start !

First we have the classic Hanazawa Rui.
This second lead is the man the girl has a crush on at first but he was not interested in her because he was in love with someone else. When the female lead started to fall in love with the male lead then he started to be in love too. It's too late then he shut is mouth and help her to make it with the lead. His heart hurt him throughout the drama. He can tell her that he loves her when she start crying because of the lead it doesn't matter he can tell her. Sometime he set his mind and want to do something, but something came up guess what it's to late she's already with the lead. In this category we have none other than Hanazawa Rui, Shin woo ( You're beautiful), Hua Tuo Ye ( Autumn's concerto) and Moon Ja shin (Sungkyunkwan Scandal).

This is the first part :)

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