Saturday, May 28, 2011

About me sarang

It’s time for me to post some information aboute me. I always have a smile on my face. The thing is that I love making joke. I'm the big sister and have three sisters. I would like to be an History teacher. I'm not interested in asian man although I watch a lot of drama and that I feel imerge in this culture. I speak French, English and I can anderstand spanish and speak a little bit. May be you want me to answer some question? I will.

How did you discover Dramas?
Hum, weel I was in my cousin’s house and we started talking about manga. Then Hana Yori Dango came up. She told me that she was whatching drama and explain me what it was. She had in her posession DVD of Hana Yori Dango and Nobuta wo produce. During my Christmas Holiday I watched Nobuta Wo Produce it was good but not that much. Afther I put Hana Yori Dango in my playstation 3 (I’m a gamer too) I become adicted. Next week I was on the internet whatching the season tow on mysoju. 

How did you start reading Mangas?
This is realy a long time ago. I had friends in hig school who read manga and they introduce me. But before that when I was more then younger I was whatching Dragon ball and Sailor moon without knowing it was Manga. However they make me read Fruit Basket (very good story). There was also a friend of my little sister who was whatching Naruto at my house. Guess what I was like: what is this. Naruto pfff I’m not gonna whatch this and bla bla. I end up read it and I love Naruto. This is how I started reading Mangas.

What is you’re favorite dish?
This question is because you must know I LOVE EATING. I’m a food lover and it’s affect my life. (I’m not fat) the thing is that during whatching King of Baking Kim Tak Goo I was sufering because I could not eat those fabulous bread. The first time I eat Korean I love it and  I would love to eat Korean food much often. My favorite occidental dish is lasagna and it won’t change I like it since i’m 5 years old.

What’s you’re favorites books?
I love to read. I just finish a book today. When I was in primary school I was reading comics but we were not supposed to borrow a comic without taking a book. A week I taken a comic and Harry Potter. During this week I finish the comic and I started to be bored so I started reading Harry Potter and never stoped. I love Charles Dickens he’s my favorite writer and Great Expection is one of my favorite book of him. I also love The secret garden by frances Hodgson Burnett, The outlander by Diana Gabaldon, Oliver twist and Nicolas Nickelby by Charles Dickens... I can’t remeber all the books I read.

What’s your favorite art?
It’s the dance. I feel that we can talk with our body and dancer talks when dancing . I don’t know why I’m not a professional dancer but I love to dance. I had ballet classes when I was young but I stoped. Yes, today I regret it.

Then I making this blog for fun and English is not my mother tongue but I’m doing my best. In the province of Quebec we are very proud to speak French. The thing is where we are that language is constantly threatened.  People think that we don’t want to speak English and that we are being stubborn for nothing because French is not that important.  Then we make this blog in English to reach more people but we can’t forget our identity. Nous sommes francophones et fier de l’être.

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