Tuesday, May 31, 2011

City Hunter First Impression

After many problems with my internet connection I finally got to see City Hunter
Throughout the two episodes I was mesmerized by Lee Min Ho. He really is a good actor.  Action movies are not made ​​for everyone for example I do not see Kim Hyun Joong in an action movie and you do not want to see either. This story is typical of many action movie gimmick, blood, beautiful girls, acrobatics, and you know the rest. City Hunter is a story based on revenge from father to son.

So we have Lee Jin Pyo ex-unit member of anti-north korea squad. During a mission he had with his best friend the south army which was supose to help them opened the fire. He promised his dying friend to take care of his newborn son. Lee Jin Pyo then kidnaps the baby to raise him in Golden Triangle in Southeast Asia, which is prime drug-producing territory .Whatever he lives has the boss of this domain with a militia of men under his authority. But long before all this he'll be headed in the office of Choi Eung Chan, one of five high-ranking Government Official who plan the trap.  Lee Jin Pyo then promised the man that he will take revenge. So we can see that he is wounded by the death of his friend and the betrayal of his country and this is why he wants revenge.

The son of his friend is obviously Lee Yoon Sung. It will grow with the idea that his mother died which will affect her child. When he later learned his secret of  birth he wants revenge. Seven years to come he will train to be realized his desire of vengeance. Younger he was seen as a cheerful person but he seems to has change is more serious and seems a bit arrogant. Characteristic that a good lead in a drama should have. He is so sex just waw. Then his goal is to avenge his father by killing the five high-ranking Governement Official that we demand the death of the twenty officers on mission, which his father was part.

I not understand the relationship betwen Kim nana and the man Lee Yoon Sung saves early. In the first episode the man shows her picture to Yon Sung and seemed to say he was his father. But in the second episode she talked about her dad and he’s in a coma since ten year. When Lee Yoon Sung will go to seoul seven years will be spent. Several things do not coincide. Kim na na is proud to become like her father a bodyguard for president. She seems to did several small job at the same time to pay the hospital bills of his father. In addition to his house several furnitures had a red ticket on them. Sign that there is a creditor in the area. She looks like a strong woman who have her own opinion of things not too naive either.

We do not know much about the five members yet. Except for Choi Eung chan is the only council member who's greatly conflicted about this turn of events. We also know that he will become the president.

Lee min ho is fabulous in his role there is no over acting with him. For the others actors I would say that everyone is pretty professional. I give City Hunter an 8/10 therefore everything is just fine. The drama is totally interested in watching. The action does not appear overdone and special effects sound credible. The story is very cliché but acceptable.

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