Thursday, August 4, 2011

Big Bang members keeping themselves busy until 2012

YG entertainment previously announced that Big Bang member, Daesung, was to suspend all promotions until the end of the year and further addressed the public that the other active Big Bang members would instead focus on their solo activities and albums. Although the group is said to be on hiatus until 2012, fans are still cheering the group on and anxiously awaiting their individual activities. So what exactly have the members of Big Bang been up to lately?

Member Taeyang recently performed a duet with singer Zion for Eugene and Gi Tae Young’s wedding. During the past month, he also took some time off in the States and worked with famous American producers, The Underdogs. Taeyang has also stated that he is working on a new song with artists Choice37 and Lydia Paek.

Leader G-dragon has been busy making preparations for his second solo-album and even responded in an interview, “If the production is fast, it’ll be released by next year.”

Maknae Seungri was recently spotted working with Choi Pilkang in a recording studio. Fans have speculated that he is also preparing for a new solo album.

Rapper T.O.P. was recently selected as one of the newest models for the popular clothing brand, the North face and took part in a photoshoot with actress Lee Yeon Hee. T.O.P. will also be attending the upcoming Seoul Socialite Party with fellow member G-dragon on August 11th.

In addition, netizens were happy to hear news yesterday that Daesung “is currently out on a trip with his church members and will be back on Friday. GD also visited Dae at church last Sunday.”

Meanwhile G-dragon, T.O.P., and Taeyang are set to perform at Toyota’s SuperTraxx Concert, alongside other artists, including BoB and Miss A, on August 5th.

Thus, although Big Bang is not currently promoting as a group, fans still have many promising events from the Big Bang members to look forward to.

Source: Koreaboo