Saturday, May 14, 2011

News for the movie You're my pet

Kang  Haneul had his first starring role in the movie  You're My Pet.  He will plays the friend of Jang Geun Seok  and also acts as his romance coach. He will show us his musical talent in this movie too.

I will watch the movie only for him. So please Kang do your best, because I don't have a lot of hope for this movie.


Explosions Hit Transit Terminals in Seoul

Authorities in Korea say two small explosions took place Thursday at transit terminals in the capital. There were no injuries.

Police say the first explosion occurred at 11:22 a.m. in a locker at the city's largest rail terminal, Seoul Station. The device had wires and was fueled by a butane gas canister. Investigators say closed circuit television images recorded a man placing a backpack in the locker earlier in the day.

The second explosion occurred 33 minutes later at the Gangnam Express Terminal, eight kilometers away. Police say that blast was caused by a device similar to the one found at Seoul Station.

Investigators are uncertain of the motive for the attacks. No suspects have been named and there has been no immediate claim of responsibility by any group.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Finally !

Sandy , Didi... that's my nicknames , but my real name is Sandrina . I am 17 years old & this year I discovered the Korean pop music , K-pop ! I like drama too... HYUN BIN ! <3

The first song I heard was ''Wedding Dress'' form Tae Yang... I was like , OMG ! :O It's soo cuteee ! the piano melody it's so good & the guy who sings is so damn SEXY ! I had no idea he was part of a k-pop group , I even bother to watch more videos on Youtube.

But this year when I started college, Neko showed me the clip of GD&TOP, '' High High '' !

OMG ! I loveeed the clip , the song, their rap, their sexy clothes ( GD is so cuteee) , the club, the high or ight movee ... TOP TOP TOP TOP OMGG , certainly one of the sexiest asian on Earth ! And thanks to GD&TOP , right after I discovered BIG BANG ! :D Since that day I became a huge fan of Big Bang. I have no favorite, but TOP & Seung Ri are more present in my photo album. :3

Sorry , but I don't remember where I took this picture .. :S

New drama for Yoon Shi Yoon

He wil star in Bachelor's Vegetable Store. Guess we will not see him in a romantic Drama this year.

The story is based on a true story. It's a man who started a vegetable store. This man started to have a big success. Is store was know as The Bachelor"s store. Yoon Shi Yoon will play the young owner of the store. This drama is in developement for now the premier is plan later this year.


Beast's 1st Album Title「Fiction 」Intro Movie

Now that we can post again here is the new teaser.
Is is actually the intro "Fact" ?

Well the song is not bad, but I am honestly getting mixed feeling for the album.
As for the MV itself, I like the atmosphere (dark but cozy ?). I don't hate any hair cut except maybe Hyunseung hair color. As for the song it is not bad but again , it is different from their usual style but I have to say that I really love Dongwoon's parts.

Kikwang did you gain weight ?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2NE1's MV Lonely

So the video clip is actually quite simple, but the girls finally come back with a song without auto-tune and honestly that's for the best the song is acoustic with the guitar, and a bit of violin sometimes, it has a nice feeling.


Beast's digital single : 비가 오는 날엔 (On Rainy Days)

So something unexpected happen while I was in class, Beast just released a digital single !
The style is quite different, it is "back to the basics" with acoustic guitar and quite a simple beat, but the vocal are I must say perfect and beautiful it is a nice ballad filled with sadness and nostalgia (must check lyrics as soon as possible).
It is indeed not a very usual style bit still nice. It is the 8th track of the album.
Enjoy ^


Beast album title, cover and tracklist is out

So here is the album cover :
As for the name it is "Fiction And Fact"
So for the track list it goes just like that :
1. The Fact
2. Fiction
3. Back to You
4. You
5. Freeze
6. Virus
7. 불러보지만 (Calling You)
8. 비가 오는 날엔 (On the day the rain falls)
9. Lightless (Unplugged Ver.)
10. Fiction (Orchestra Ver.)
So nine new songs out of ten and the fifth song ''Freeze'' was written, composed and edited by Jun Hyung.
Here is was cube says about the album : ''The album intro song ‘The Fact’ is the song that leads a smooth introduction to the main track ‘Fiction’ and the deep emotions can be sensed from the song. Like the title many people don’t want to accept ‘The Fact’ of their breakup, the album moves straight into ‘Fiction’. ‘Fiction’ is different from the strong beat and sound that BEAST originally has and it is the type of a song with a focus on the melody and lyrics. The lyrics express the wanting to write a novel in order to display hardships as one faces realizing the pain of a breakup. This is heightened with an addictive piano reef making the song a sad story. Also, in order to express the overwhelming emotions of the song ‘Fiction’, BEAST had also included an orchestra version of the song.
The song ‘Back to You’ with an attractive rising melody is expected to receive a lot of love from the fans. Other the luxurious performance songs on the album, the pop ballad song ‘Calling You’ show off the colors of the member’s voices , ‘On the Day Rain Falls’ was actually recorded on a raining day so that the members can full express their young emotions, the song ‘You’ is fully of happiness. The song ‘Virus’ that encompasses Electronic Dubstep and Black R&B make the album even better to listen too.

Sources : B2STRISING

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just thank you and could you comment

Thanks for visiting our blog. People from Germany, United States of America, Singapore and Canada visiting our blog.
We really appreciate, but why do they not comment our blog.
We where like ; Yeah very cool a lot of people came every day yeah, but why don't they comment some post. Is it because they came and they thought the blog suck. Sorry but it's true that how we feel. Please comment we want to know if you like or dislike something you can also make some suggestion. We will not eat you. How can we you're in front of your computer, so please comment.

Thanks a lot for visiting no matter what.
Even if your do not comment we are very grateful.

The Team

Monday, May 9, 2011

Make up Tutoral ( 2ne1)

I think their makeup is always beautiful. I decided to post a video about a small tutorial.


It's time to fangirl over B2ST !!

OMG ! B2uty fangirling moment !!!!! (Screaming, jumping and running everywhere)
On may 17, BEAST is realeasing their first full lenght album. It look like it is a conceptual album with stories. And also B2UTIES, rejoice, BEAST finally have an official color : Dark Gray. We will also get some official goodies with the album.
It looks like they are comming back with a dark concept(I like it ^^).
Anyway as soon as the cd is out count on me for a review ^^(and pictures, I will buy it no matter what)
sources : and google translation

You're my pet

I hope this movie will not be a crap like usual with Jang Geun Seok. No offence but the last drama he did ( Mary stayed out all night) was crappy because of him. The fact is he threw a fit because his character was supposed to die. They had to change the script for that lil baby. -_-

We can not forget the japanese version especially because it was a bucket of crap. I personaly love Matsumoto Jun ( not for his crappy acting ) but for the role of Tsukasa ( Hana Yori Dango). But the way he acted in the drama Kimi Wa petto was just a complete mess. I was like RRRRRAHAHHAH. ( What the *****)

Sarang: This is not a gang hating post. I ( Sarang) dont hate him, it's just that he decived me. I'm still in love with his character in You're beautiful.

Neko: In,you're Beautiful, his character is not that bad but it was lacking and  was not well developped but I do not like him for the fit he threw in Mary stayed out all night.



What the ******. The urban dictionary said it's : Many of todays flamboyant rockstars, but most notably Brandon Flowers of the Killers, wear guyliner.

Why do they have to put this on their face? ^_^ !


Sunday, May 8, 2011

SPOT.PH's hottest men in Kpop


10.Choi Minho : The boy next door
Not even in his 20s, Minho exudes a clean cut, bring-home-to-Mom vibe that totally makes him anyone's Teenage Dream. One of SHINee's resident rappers, Minho started out as a model who frequented runways and also appeared in SNSD Girls' Generation music video for “Gee.” Quiet and soft spoken, you know he's got tons of charm hidden beneath his super cute stance—after all, his nickname is Charismatic Flame.

9.Lee Gi Kwang : The dancer
Gi Kwang became a celebrity way before his current group, B2st rose to popularity. Originally known as solo act AJ (Ace Junior), he received an image reboot and was relaunched as part of B2st. Known best for his skills on the dance floor, Gi Kwang loves rocking to smooth R&B grooves.

8. Lee Hong Ki : The artist
Everyone assumes that K-Pop dudes are all manufactured and without any authentic talent, but Lee Hong Ki proves this wrong by displaying his music chops as frontman for FT Island. The sometimes-rapper and beatboxer stole hearts as funny man Jeremy in the hit drama You're Beautiful. He's since given up his blonde locks for an all-natural black mane—which makes him all the more swoon-worthy.

7.Jang Geun Seuk : The talent
As long as Jang Geun Seuk is around, the Hallyu wave will never be lacking musical dramas centered around super hot singers. The multi-faceted actor, who has played up his musical talent in three dramas (Beethoven Virus, You're Beautiful, and Mary Stayed Out All Night) is a huge hit with the fangirls (and boys) for his androgynous style, his excellent use of guyliner, and his to-die-for smile. Makes fangirls across the board wish this super-endorser would just launch an album already.

6.RAIN : The international sensation
Rain has taken the world by storm with his launching movie, Ninja Assassin—and yes, his rock hard bod. The ultimate performer (he acts, sings, dances, and even dabbled in a clothing line and managing a K-Pop group) is set to break thousands of hearts as he is rumored to head into military service some time this year. For now, Ji Hoon's fans can still revel in his action drama (with scenes filmed in the Philippines!) The Fugitive.

5.Choi Siwon : The dreamboat
With smoldering good looks and acting chops that only up his smex factor, Super Junior's resident actor sizzles on and off screen. His good boy appeal comes from his being a devout Christian from an affluent family—which totally offsets his hotness as Athena: Goddess of War's Agent Kim Jun-ho. Part of subgroup Super Junior-M, Siwon's following is so huge, he's among the first four Korean artists to be featured on a Chinese postage stamp.

4.Hero Jaejoong : The vocalist
DBSK's 800,000 South Korean supporters (and who knows, how many worldwide fans) can't deny the heart-melting effect of Hero Jaejoong's piercing gaze. Given up by his birth mother and raised by adoptive parents, Jaejoong moved to Seoul as a teen and worked odd jobs to support himself while going on one audition after another (sniff!). Now leading current group JYJ, this crooner has also proven to be one of Korea's most bankable actors with his Japanese-Korean drama, Heaven's Postman.

3. Kim Hyun Joong : The enigma
Kim Hyun Joong sets hearts aflutter, no matter what K-Pop suit he wears. As Ji Hoo in 2009's Boys Over Flowers and Baek Seung Jo in the recent Playful Kiss, and as himself on popular reality show We Got Married, he raised the bar for irresistible leading men (both Korean and non-Korean). As SS501's leader, he merges standard K-Pop fare with his brand of 4D head-scratching humor. His 2010 visit to Manila also proved that this hottie's got a heart of gold with his heartwarming visit to the Abiertas House of Friendship. This Face Shop endorser shows that guys can have it all.

2.Nichkhun Buck Horvejku : The sweetheart
Anything goes in the land of K-Pop—and 2PM's Nichkhun proves that a half-Chinese half-Thai cutie who grew up in California can make it big in Korea. Scouted in LA, Nichkhun moved across oceans to learn the basic boyband rudiments (as well as the excessive acrobatics his group has become famous for), how to speak and write Korean, and pretty much live up to his “Thai Prince” image. The angel-faced performer cranks up the charm on weekly reality show We Got Married (where he is coupled up with fellow foreigner, Victoria of girl group F(X)) and sends out swoon-worthy tweets via his account @khunnie0624.

And last but not least :
1.T.O.P : The sex god
It's tough to resist this rapper's steamy stare, which he whips out in the middle of his jazzy, bluesy, hip-hoppy raps for K-Pop group BIG BANG. Non-fans love to hate on his douche-y Zoolander-esque poses, but true fans know he's just putting on a show (T.O.P or Choi Seung-hyun is known as his group's resident clown). Whether he's sporting his manly tailored suits or is lying low in his favorite BAPE hoodies, this harmonica-playing, beatboxing, award-winning actor oozes sex appeal like it's nobody's business. T.O.P or bottom? T.O.P, most definitely.

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