Monday, May 23, 2011

Beast "Fiction and Fact" limited edition will be released on May 24th

So for those who already bought the cd and don't buy another copy or for those who didn't buy it yet: The limited edition includes new pictures, three piece fashion cap buttons, and a special t-shirt. But no new song but who cares ? (I'm glad I didn't buy a copy yet, i'll go with the limited edition ^^)
I found the t-shirts ! :

And poster found! :
For those who are interested to buy, I suggest you don't buy on yesasia. Why simply because you will pay at least 10 $ more than everywhere else and you will have no poster and even more, it doesn't count on any chart.
So where to buy : Dvdheaven, and also Gmarket. As for the price, it is 30.04 USD and 32.34 USD with the poster. I guess it comes in a box that looks like that :
Source : koreaboo

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