Friday, September 9, 2011

Itaewon freedom

This is a post from Sarang, Neko and Sandy.

Heeeeelllloooooooo !!!!! This song is not very new I know but it's still good.  Neko showed me ( Sarang) this not long ago ( 40 mins) and I find it really good.

I (Neko) saw it when it was released a few months ago and honestly I thought it was old stuff, but since I like music from the 80's I had lots of fun watching it. And since it looks like they make fun of the 80's it is even more enjoyable ... ^^


Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Need Romance sexy guys

Hello it's been a long time !!!!!!! I'm glad to come back like I said before I was working all the summer and came home tired, bla bla bla. This blog is not about my life so dont espect me to say much.

I'm watching right now I Need Romance and what can I say. The lead In Youn have practically the same love story as me. My life totally sucks but we are not talking about me. The actors of this drama are very and totally sexy I can describe how much they are sex. I put some picture to please your eyes. But the pictures are not representative of their sex appeal. In plus I don't have the picture of one of them they are original 5. I don't really think the lead have the same kind of sex appeal that's why is not there sorry girl if you expected too see him here.

This drama is really open on sexuality. In the first minutes my mouth was open like that (:O ) my eyes where like that ( 0.0 ) they say the word sex so much times in 5 minutes. What ever I recommend this drama if you want too laugh and see what my love life looks like.