Thursday, April 21, 2011


Here is our first post so we are basically just introducing ourselves.
We are a team of four girls.
Sarang : I’m gonna be in charge of the drama review and movie section. If you dont get it I’m a dramaholic. I watch k-dramas, j-dramas and taiwanese drama. I can recommend you some good dramas. I’m gonna post later my drama list. so see yahhh ^_-.

Neko : I’m going to be in charge of the news and music section. Follow us because I will talk about new cds, the latest gossip and also the latest political developpment news. As for the music I will talk mostly about the music shows like MCountdown, MusicCore, Ingikayo and the other one I don’t remember and the latest music videos. I’ll try my best to talk about as many group as I can but since I’m more into Bigbang, Beast, Dalmatian and Block b and can’t garantee it.

Since both of us are skipping classes the other two will post later ^^ ( do not do this at school)

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