Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beast's clip Fiction

A Beast post again, you must think I'm crazy (maybe I am or just a big fan)

So the song is catchy with nice instrumental, there is a mature feeling in this compared to their previous songs.
There is a story and it is quite obvious and easy to understand (thank you cube) and it goes a bit like that : the guy loves the girl and she loves him but for some reason (we don't know), they can't see each other, and they write in a journal, and I guess the journal holds their memories.
The dance : feet dance with hands in my pocket !!!
Well that's it I will try to post as soon as possible my review of the cd that is still unfinished
As someone said in a forum after Bigbang's flying bird move,, it is Beast's penguin move. I really love it XD


  1. Wow, first time i hear from them. I actually like it! The music's so nice and peaceful O.o... I think i'm gonna go check their other songs xD
    Nice blog, keep going :D

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