Wednesday, June 15, 2011

block B's first Mini Album info and track list

As we all know the previous three songs (from their digital single) will be on the mini. The mini album's name is " New Kids on the Block", and it contains 8 tracks. The title track is "Tell your friends" and it was written by Zico (Leader and rapper), he also composed the majority of the melody. The song is descrided as a “fun, upbeat track that is a fit for the summer season.”
The cd cost 8,500 Won and is out on June 23rd.

The actual track list :

1. Halo

2. Tell Your Friends

3. U Hoo Hoo

4. Wanna B

5. Freeze!

6. Is It Only Me?

7. Tell Your Friends (Inst.)

8. Freeze! (Inst.)

So there are basicaly three new songs (and hooray the Freeze! (Inst)) but this is a definite buy (Only if Post Canada is back delivering packages .....)

I tried to find retailers online and I only found it on preorder on yesasia (and as usual the price is higher than it should, even if it is still really cheap)

Source : Soompi


  1. New Kids on the Block? There already a band name New Kids On The Block.

  2. I know but it is the album's name