Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bigbang's future activities are disurpted

After the fatal car accident involving Big Bang member Daesung, activities are expected to inevitably be disrupted for some time.

Agency YG Entertainment said, “After the accident and being investigated for 3-4 hours at the police station, (Daesung) has returned to the hostel to rest”, adding, “he is in shock and worrying greatly.”

According to YG, Daesung has no particular schedule for some time. The show that he is currently a regular on, SBS ‘Night After Night’, will not be recording this week, as explained by the agency. After the end of the 19-day concerts in Japan, Big Bang was on vacation until about next week.

However, the police investigation that is expected to take time looks to affect Big Bang’s future activities. In particular, in the case of if the death of the motorcyclist was caused by Daesung’s car accident, personal detainment may be inevitable.

The police are trying to find out the details of the first accident of the motorcyclist hit by Daesung’s car, and an autopsy has been scheduled to discover the cause of death.

Source: bigbangupdates

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  1. I hope that everything will take its normal course as quickly as possible.