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Daesung involved in a car accident Part 2

I couldn't edit the other post so here is the update.
The whole story is a total mess.
I'm guessing YG will make an announcement around 10 AM.

Photos of Daesung's Audi A4 have been revealed through Korean press. The photos show his car's front badly damaged by the car crash. The photos also show a tow truck also picking up the car, it is evident from the photos that the crash was not simply a "tapping", but a serious collision.

YG has yet to make a statement on the accident and there has been no information as to how involved Daesung is in the accident. Currently, it is believed that he is being talked to by Seoul's Young Deung Po Police.

Police have also revealed that the motorcyclist is not dead and is currently in the hospital, but there has been no word on his condition.

Source: Nate

(Translations from Koreaboo)

The motorcyclist is currently at the hospital, and the hospital has not confirmed his death. Taxi driver has suffered no serious injuries.

Daesung got out of his car right after the collision and asked the taxi driver whether he was okay, when the taxi driver redirected attention to the bleeding already unconscious motorcyclist. Both the taxi driver and Daesung are at the police station together being investigated.

Source: Star + fuckyeahbigbangstuff

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UPDATE 5: Naver News is stating that the motorcyclist is dead, and an autopsy is being scheduled to determine cause of death (other sources are saying that death is still not confirmed).

Police official is quoted saying, “The exact cause of death is not yet known, but Daesung’s charges will vary depending on whether or not his accident caused the fatal injury.”

Daesung was reportedly driving at 60km (37.3miles) at the time of collision.

Source: Naver + fuckyeahbigbangstuff

Update 6: YG Entertainment has released a statement on the accident involving Daesung, a taxi driver and a motorcyclist. They have revealed that at 1:40AM, Daesung was driving downhill around the area of Seoul's Yanghwa Bridge. During this time, he crashed into a taxi driver, rear-ending him. The taxi driver was reported to have not suffered any major injuries.

YG Entertainment revealed that Daesung was driving along the first lane when the taxi suddenly switched from the first lane to the second, then back again. This is when Daesung rear-ended the taxi driver. When Daesung got out of the car to speak to the driver, the driver revealed that he had switched lanes to avoid hitting the motorcyclist infront of him.

The two then alerted the police, revealing that the motorcyclist was bleeding on the road.

Police are currently investigating the accident and the involvement of Daesung and the taxi driver in the accident that caused the motorcyclist to be hit. They have also reported that the motorcyclist is not dead, but rather in the hospital.
Source : koreaboo

Update 7: The police will start an official investigation about what happened around the time of the accident. They're currently gathering CCTV recordings from the surrounding buildings and will be handing all evidence to the NISI (National Institute of Scientific Investigation).

It was also released that the motorcyclist didn't survive the accident and that they'll be doing an autopsy to see what the main cause of his death was.
Source : koreaboo

Update 8 : YG said to Star News : "Daesung is having a very hard time right now. The reason behind Daesung’s agony is concern and sadness for the deceased person, who may or may not have passed away because of his mistake. His sadness and concern for the deceased is first in his mind, so Daesung is crying a lot right now."
Source : bigbangstuff

Last Update : Since Daesung’s car hit a motorcycle that had already fallen before his arrival and not a moving car, his charge is ‘neglectful accident’ rather than a ‘intrusion of safe driving distance.’

Daesung’s punishment depends on whether or not the motorcyclist was dead at the time of Daesung’s car crash.

If the motorcyclist was already dead when Daesung’s car crashed, this is a ‘ruin of corpse’ and not a ‘car accident violence’ and thus Daesung is not lawfully responsible for a compensation, although morally expected.

Even if the motorcyclist was alive when the second collision (by Daesung’s car) occurred, Daesung’s “neglect” was not heavy (a ‘heavy neglect’ would include DUI and traffic signal violation) and therefore will not lead to Daesung’s imprisonment and the like. He is, however, lawfully responsible to compensate. A typical fatal car accidents are at least $18,000 ~ $28,000 and depends on the annual income from there.
Source : bigbangupdate

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