Friday, May 13, 2011

Finally !

Sandy , Didi... that's my nicknames , but my real name is Sandrina . I am 17 years old & this year I discovered the Korean pop music , K-pop ! I like drama too... HYUN BIN ! <3

The first song I heard was ''Wedding Dress'' form Tae Yang... I was like , OMG ! :O It's soo cuteee ! the piano melody it's so good & the guy who sings is so damn SEXY ! I had no idea he was part of a k-pop group , I even bother to watch more videos on Youtube.

But this year when I started college, Neko showed me the clip of GD&TOP, '' High High '' !

OMG ! I loveeed the clip , the song, their rap, their sexy clothes ( GD is so cuteee) , the club, the high or ight movee ... TOP TOP TOP TOP OMGG , certainly one of the sexiest asian on Earth ! And thanks to GD&TOP , right after I discovered BIG BANG ! :D Since that day I became a huge fan of Big Bang. I have no favorite, but TOP & Seung Ri are more present in my photo album. :3

Sorry , but I don't remember where I took this picture .. :S

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  1. wwawwaawawwwaaaw i realy love your post
    you are so cute