Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SHINee Japanese version : REPLAY !

Seriously, I don't really like the band SHINee, but I must admit that this song ... is not so bad! In my opinion, is one of their best songs ... because Ring Ring Dong whatever... it's really disgusting. Yaaah, I know !I appreciate the lyrics and the rhythm. I think they have beautiful voice I had not noticed in their other songs. For the video clip is not so bad. I love the scene when the boy played basketball and when the girl enters in the cafe.It was cute! But I still have a bit of trouble with their clothes especially when they are dancing,unless when they were black. I found it very classy. OHHHHH ! I prefer the japanase version .. I don't know why ...
Let me know your impression!


  1. I can't believe you are becoming a Shawol ....
    It is because of Music Monday right ?

  2. Ok hem prepar you're eggs. I dont think they are so bad. There style looks great to. For the song it's not a bad song I mean you can lisent without kill you're self.