Monday, July 25, 2011

Teen Top's first mini album "Roman" review

향수뿌리지마 (Don't spray perfume) : the title is just weird but ode you read the lyrics you understand the reason behind the name.The title song quite okay, music is alright but maybe too repetitive ? It feels like going back (in years) with this kind of sound, it doesn't feel 2011 (I know it's weird). Just like before Niel is doing the most of the singing, I think it would have been alright with him doing just the chorus (since it is high pitched, which it don't really like, it is like they are promoting how young they are …. ). The rap is quite good but it may be just because I like CAP's rap and because I think he has potential ? The lyrics : okay basically the guy is telling the noona he loves not wear perfume nor put on glitter otherwise his girlfriend will know he has another girl. Yeah kids singing a song about two timing ……

Beautiful Girl : More R&B feel ? Oh Yeah the chorus ? NO. I don't like the style of the song and it feel weird to hear this kind off song from them (because they are kids). Actually the song was quite a turn off for me even the rap was not that good, it didn't really fitted.

First Kiss : My favorite song. I like the guitar part at the beginning. and lots of rap !!!! YAY ! I don't have any trouble with the chorus this time actually there's nothing I dislike about the song, it is not perfect but it is still quite good. And the rap parts were good so I am happy. (to be honest I was disappointed in the lack of rap in their previous releases), the voices make the song and not the music (maybe it's reason why I like it ?)

손등이 스친다 : First thought : christmas song/carol ? o.0 ? It is a plain cheesy song. And it is also a NO. I just can't listen to that.

Tell me Why : Overall, not a bad song, a bit more upbeat and more joyful. There is just a instrumental pause just before 2 minute and it feels like a different song, I don't know how I feel about it but I don't think it is a bad thing.

Overall:I get the feeling that their songs are being more worked on, not just a bunch of beat put together, And this mini album does confirm my feeling that upbeat songs are not the trend anymore in KPop.

Good point : More rap :) No seriously the songs are more elaborated.

Bad point : Niel sings as much as before( not that I dislike his voice but he sings way too much). The songs resemble a bit too much ? (except the "christmas song ")

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