Thursday, July 21, 2011

King of Devil's Island movie review

This is not an Asian movie but it is a very good Norwegian movie I watch last Sunday at Fantasia.
It is not an horror movie it is a dramatic movie inspired by real events that took place on Bast√ły Island in the beginning of the 20th century. This Island was used as a correctional center for young boys to be reformed into humble,useful and useful Christians.
In the movie we follow our hero, Erling or I should say C-19 is sent on the island under suspicion of murderer. Of course he is a rebel and he can't stand the humiliating or useless punishment nor the fact that his friend Olav called C-1 is being sexually abused by one of the person in charge of the barrack. As the time passes C-19 and C-1 gradually begin to stir the emotions and the revolt among the other boys and ultimately it leads to a rebellion. But as the heads of the center are overwhelmed they call the army to suppress the revolt and unfortunately some soldiers did shoot at the boys.
So it is a sad and somewhat revolting movie about young boys who committed various little crimes and living in an icy hell with little hopes of escape.

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