Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Unjust movie review

More than a week since last, I 'm sorry, I started classes last week and I have three hours of classes everyday and I have homework so I don't really have time to post during the week.
Anyway, Yesterday I went to Fantasia (YAY !!), a movie festival so I'll review yesterday's movie, The Unjust.
The movie is about a series of murders ongoing in Seoul for a few weeks but the police is still unable to find the murderer. At some point, the main suspect is killed by the police and after this accident the higher up decide to ask Captain Choi to create a fake case and thus end the story. But Choi has problem with the mafia which lead to an internal investigation and an ambitious prosecutor decide to stick his nose in the case and things are not going to be better ...

I have to say, it was a good movie, a nice plot even if some part were predicatable, the story is quite dark and there is quite a bit of violence (which I don't mind but the movie is still rated 16+) but there was still some humour in the movie. The actors were good there were quite a few good punch lines. And one of the strong point of the movie is the ending which is not a stupid happy ending because a happy ending would have spoiled the movie.

would you mind if I review today's movie even if it is not an Asian movie ??

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