Sunday, May 22, 2011

Romance town

Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episode: 20
Air Time: Wednesday, Thursday
Bracasted by: KBS2

Lead Cast:
Sung Yu Ri as No Soon Geum
Jung Gyo Woon as Kang Gun Woo
Kim Min Joon as Kim Young Hee
Min Hyo Rin as Jung Da Kyum

Sinopsis: It’s the story of a maid (Sun Yu Ri) who work for rich households. She was always dreamed to be Cinderella but that drea, faded as reality took over. Her life will reach a turning point when she is hired as a maid for the rich and handsome Kang Gun Woo and win the lottery.

First Review: I was really lost during watching the first episode, but with the second one everything was fine. The acting seem good until now. I think this drama can surprise us even if it’s seems cliche. I will give this drama 6/10 beacause at first it’s messy but at the end it’s surprising who clear thing are.

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