Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sayuri's (finally!) in the house!

Hi Dramaholics!

Since you don't know me, let me properly introduce myself.

Who am I? That's a secret I'll never tell ( I know, too much Gossip Girl). However, I can tell you that my pen name is Sayuri.

I'm an avid drama watcher, be it American, Korean or Taiwanese. I don't really watch Japanese dramas, because I haven't come across really good ones, but I'm always open to suggestions.

I'm not Korean, or even Asian for that matter, so my point of view will probably be a very westernized one. But I will try to take account of the significant cultural differences between East and West and please believe that I mean no disrespect to anyone or anyone's culture, ever.

I'm also a little commitment-phobic so I can't say how long I'll be around!

Q & A: Things you should know about me:

What was your first contact with Asia?

Believe it or not, my first contact with Asia wasn't through dramas. It was actually throughBollywood! My childhood best friend was (and still is) Pakistani and she introduced me to Indian cinema back in 2005. 6 years later, I have seen hundreds of Indian movies and I still looove Bollywood. Might even discuss it in this blog every once in a while.

What was your first contact with Asian dramas?

I first came around dramas about a year ago (March 2010), through my other best friend Sarang, and never went back since. OK, so I haven't been immersed in that culture for too long, but do take note that during that year I have watched over 40 dramas, which makes me a true dramaholic. That must count for something, right?

What was the first drama you ever watched?

Hana Yori Dango. My, oh, my. Those three words cannot even begin to express the roller-coaster of emotions that I went through watching this drama.

What kind of drama watcher are you?

Well, I like to stay away from the cheesy stuff. And the melodramatic stuff. So while I may stick with some overly makjangey dramas such as Baker King Kim Tak Goo, Makjang really isn't my thing. I like a good love story, but it can't be the only focus of the drama, I like multiple story arcs and a drama ought to have some substance. I'm a sucker for character growth and depth and I believe that you don't have to watch a drama all the way to the end to be able to rate it. Sometimes a bad drama will have a few redeeming qualities but most of the time a bad drama will stick to being bad it's entire run.

How old are you?

No, how old are you?

What do you like?

Dependshow much time do you have?

What do you hate?

Hate is such an ugly word. I much prefer the word dislike. For instance, I dislike people who cut in a line, people who stay motionless on the escalator when they're actually on the side where you're suppose to walk, people who don't leave comments after reading my posts... Just sayin'.

Favorite movie?

That's a hard one. I'm such a cinephile. Probably Black by Sanjay Leela Bhanshali. And no, it's not about race.

Favorite dramas?

I’ll get back to you on that.

Favorite music, then?

Well, I like pretty much everything and I mean, everything : rock, pop, classic, hip-hop, r&b, bhangra, etc. But I'm not that into K-pop so don't expect to hear much from me.

Favorite books?

Born blue by Han Nolan, Mr. Clarinet by Nick Stone, Perfume by Patrick Süskind and so on...

Why name yourself Sayuri?
It's actually taken from the name of the main character in Arthur Golden's Memoirs of a Geisha. I simply loved the movie, even though I haven't read the book, and so as I was staring at the DVD box trying to find a pen name, it suddenly hit me. And so here we are. Also, Sayuri means small lily.

Why write in English if it isn't your first language?
Well, we (the creators of this blog) wanted to reach as many people as possible and we thought using the English language was the best way to achieve that. We may, eventually write in both English and French but for now we're sticking with English.

Mais, laissez-nous un petit message en Français et on se fera toutes un plaisir de vous répondre!


I fluently speak three languages, including English and French. I also speak some broken Hindi/Urdu and could probably mumble a few words of Spanish if my life depended on it. I've always wanted to write a book, travel around the world, be a world renowned lawyer, a diplomat and the sole heir to a multi-million dollar corporation. See how in my dreams I'm the ultimate male first lead in a Kdrama?

Keep in mind that English is not my first language and bear with me if you notice any grammar/spelling errors.

And…how about we save the rest for another time, shall we?

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