Thursday, May 26, 2011

Secret Garden wins the best drama award at the 47th BaekSang Arts Award

This post is for all the dramaholics who write this blog with me ( not you Di). NA NA NA NA NA.
These beautiful ladies stoped watching "Secret Garden"early because the pace wasn't fast enough for them ( the body swap). Well they ended up missing out on one of the best dramas ever. I'm glad Secret Garden won this award because it was a very good drama. Hyun bin played Kim Joon Won an arrogant Ceo who think is perfect. That man falls deep in love with a poor stuntwoman played by Ha Ji Won. This drama has a very good plot. At first we can think it's a traditional drama with a big love story and regular second leads and all but no. But the story is actually amazing ,I have no words to describe it. I vigourously recommand this drama.


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