Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Serioulsy, I'm not fan of girls bands...

But I love 2ne1 ! I think they are excellent.They have an incredible talent for dance and girls who rap like CL is hard to find ! And girl who dance like Minzy ? Excuse me , but Minzy IS THE F*CKING BEST ! Oh my god , she's crazy! Dara & Bom? Bom has a beautiful voice and Dara, I like his rap and his singing ! They are very good ! I just simply love them ! My favorite is Minzy , because she's amazing ! She's only 17 years old & she's considered one of the best dancers. I really admire her for the fact that she made that far!
My favorite song of 2ne1 is Can't nobody ! It's make me happy ! :P This is english version !

I also really appreciate 4minutes ! I still have difficult to recognizing them and know their names. The only one that I rebember his name is Ji Yoon & Hyun A.I knew them when I started listen 2ne1 and I was like ''Mmmm , that's kinda good ! ''. The first song that I heard is Huh , I really love the way they dances & they have really nice voices . My favorite song of 4minute is I my me mine , I really the rythm! I love their sexy look ! Seriously , 2ne1 & 4minutes are for me the best band girl in Korea.

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